IKEA’s New Downtown Toronto Store Has an Exclusive Meatball Menu

IKEA Downtown Toronto Meatball Menu

Everyone knows the best part of any trip to IKEA is the food – from their iconic Swedish meatballs to their fluffy cinnamon rolls, it’s the perfect way to fuel up after (or during!) a long day of shopping for your favourite home essentials. Which is why IKEA’s latest downtown Toronto location is such a game-changer: it’s the first in North America to offer an exclusive meatball menu. Featuring four different kinds of meatball bowls with unique sides that emphasize IKEA’s sustainability efforts and pay homage to Toronto’s cultural diversity, the menu is available at a first-of-its-kind IKEA Swedish Deli. Read on for everything you need to know.


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What’s on the meatball menu?

IKEA Downtown Toronto is serving up four different meatball bowls: Plant Balls with potato salad, chickpeas, kimchi, herb salad with elderflower vinaigrette, Chicken Balls with egg noodles, teriyaki sauce, Asian mix and wasabi peas, Vegetable Balls with green lentils, IKEA Bean Mix, tomato and spinach ragu, arugula and grated PRÄST cheese. Last but certainly not least, you’ll also find Classic Swedish Meatballs with mashed potatoes, peas, lingonberry jam, parsley and cream sauce.

IKEA Downtown Toronto Meatball Offerings

Clockwise from top left: IKEA Chicken Ball Bowl, Classic Swedish Meatball Bowl, Vegetable Ball Bowl, Plant Ball Bowl

How many meatballs will I get?

Each Meatball Bowl comes with six meatballs, however you can also add on four meatballs of any variety for $2.49 to your order.

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How much do they cost?

The menu is aligned with IKEA’S commitment to affordability, so all meatball bowls ring in at under $10. Specifically, Plant Ball Bowls are $6.99, Chicken Ball Bowls are $8.49, Veggie Ball Bowls are $5.49, and Classic Swedish Meatball Bowls are $6.99.

IKEA Downtown Toronto Mezzanine Seating

IKEA Downtown Toronto Mezzanine Seating

Can I eat there?

There is limited seating available on the mezzanine above the Swedish Deli, but it’s significantly smaller than typical IKEA cafeterias, so depending on when you visit, you may need to take your meatball bowl home with you to properly enjoy it.

What else can I get there?

Along with the meatball bowls, you’ll find IKEA hotdogs, cinnamon rolls, Daim cake, soft drinks and espresso beverages available at the hot food counter. Also available for purchase are IKEA frozen essentials like meatballs and salmon, plus pantry staples including cookies, mustard, and lingonberry jam.

IKEA Downtown Toronto Swedish Deli

IKEA Downtown Toronto Swedish Deli

Is that why this Swedish Deli is so unique?

Precisely! In a typical IKEA, you’ll find the hot foods (like the beloved Classic Swedish Meatballs) in the cafeteria, and grab-and-go items like hotdogs and ice cream plus pantry items to take home at the Swedish Food Market near the check out. In this new Swedish Deli, you’ll find everything in one place – you can pick up a meatball bowl, a $1 hotdog, a jar of lingonberry jam, and a pack of frozen salmon all at the same counter. The best part? The entrance to the Swedish Deli is conveniently located on Gerrard Street West, so you can easily pop in to pick up your favourite IKEA food favourites without venturing into the actual IKEA store if you aren’t in the mood.

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