The Best Kid-Friendly Restaurants Across Canada


Dining out with kids can be a hit or a miss. While we all know exposing children to new foods is important, doing so at a restaurant can be costly and frustrating. Add in the stress of hoping your kids behave around other diners, and sometimes it’s just easier to stay home. 

Not so with these restaurants, which consider younger diners, too. From kid-friendly atmospheres to menus and vibes your children will enjoy, here are 10 restaurants across Canada with grub and experiences for the whole family.

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The Rec Room

Address: Various locations across Canada

If you’re going to dine out with kids, you might as well make it an experience. Enter The Rec Room and its selection of games and shareable, kid-friendly food. You can grab a pizza or giant pretzels for the family, go bowling, or hit up the arcade. We like that the eateries feature vegetarian and vegan options and high chairs. And although there are no specific kid menus, there are enough family-friendly options for kids to choose from.

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The Old Spaghetti Factory

Address: Various locations across Canada

Pasta and kids are a match made in heaven, but this is a fun restaurant for families of all ages to dine at. The Old Spaghetti Factory décor is interesting and the menus are hearty, plus you know there’s stuff kids will eat. We especially love that if you have a still-hungry, pasta-loving kid, the restaurant will bring them a second bowl of pasta for free. 

Rainforest Cafe

Address: 4915 Clifton Hill, Niagara Falls, Ontario

Getting into this popular Niagara hot spot can be tricky without a reservation, but it’s a fun experience for the kids if you’re doing other touristy stuff in the area. They’ve designed the entire restaurant to look like a jungle, with lots to take in. There’s also a calendar of special events designed with children in mind. The kids’ menu features standard kid fare like hot dogs, mac & cheese, and pizza, but there are also ribs, mini burgers, grilled chicken options, and an array of sides. 

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Nimrods’ Floating Pizza Bar and Burger Hut

Address: 1 Great George Street, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

What’s better than a family pizza night? How about a family pizza night on a floating dock? That’s the appeal of this summer restaurant, which features gourmet pizzas, burgers, and a fun atmosphere. Nimrods’ is the kind of eatery that attracts the fun crowd, so loud kids will fit right in. There’s a small kids’ menu, but it’s unnecessary since pizza is a universe kid’s love language.

Melting Pot

Address: 2920 Calgary Trail NW, Suite 117, Edmonton, Alberta

If your family wants to get wild while dining out, why not go to a restaurant that serves fondue? This chain’s Canadian location is in Edmonton, where guests can pick from various meats, cheeses, and chocolate fondues to share. 

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McSweeney’s Dinner Theatre

Address: 700 Main Street, Moncton, New Brunswick

Families with older kids looking for a fun experience can get that at McSweeney’s Dinner Theatre, where theatrical dining is still a thing. All shows are kid-friendly and tickets come with a four-course meal, which changes depending on the play. 

Piano Piano

Address: Various locations across Toronto and Oakville, Ontario

If you’re looking for something more upscale that still speaks to kids, Piano Piano is a feast for the eyes and stomach. The Italian restos offer special kids’ menus derived from their staples of pasta, pizzas, and other elevated fare. The spots are designed to be sophisticated, satisfying and, most importantly, fun. It’s more than a place to eat, it’s a downright vibe. 

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Cosmos Lebourgneuf

Address: 5700 boulevard des Galeries, Local 103, Quebec, Quebec

The decor in this dining room alone is worth a visit. Cosmos has designed the booths to look like beehives, various shapes and colours are built into the decor, and there’s even a giant aquarium for kids to check out. The brunch is also geared towards kids, with crepes, eggs and even poutine to choose from. 

The Wooden Monkey

Address: Locations in Halifax and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia 

This kid-friendly restaurant has an authentic tavern feel, plus the name is appealing to kids. There are good vibes and good food (including a comprehensive children’s menu), but the real draw to The Wooden Monkey is its commitment to sustainability. The restos make it easy to trace where their ingredients come from, thanks to their online suppliers list. Now what’s not to love about that?

Bells and Whistles

Address: Two locations across Vancouver, British Columbia

This elevated sports bar is also a great place to bring the kids whether you’re looking for a yummy burger or an all-out brunch. There are two locations to visit, and both feature fun events, from live sports to screenings. Another bonus? The Fraser location also offers a games area with hoops and skeeball to entertain the youngins.

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