You Can Now Purchase Le Creuset’s 126-Piece Dream Kitchen Set at Costco Canada

If you’re a fan of Costco, and are familiar with the retailer’s membership perks (especially for foodies), you may have picked up on the Internet’s worst kept secret: A massive dream Le Creuset set is available for purchase at your friendly neighbourhood Costco

Le Creuset's 157-piece cookware set


But don’t get too excited just yet. Our neighbours south of the border are breaking the American counterpart’s landing page for the deal — a 157-piece Le Creuset kitchen set for a cool $4,499.99 USD. Now, while this may seem like a steep sum to shell out over a kitchen set, those who know the premium French cookware brand aptly recognized that at just $29 USD a piece, the offer is a great deal. Le Creuset is a brand that sells most of its cookware for hundreds of dollars an item and is so long lasting that it’s often passed down from generation to generation. To make the experience even more luxurious, Costco is offering to deliver the full set to customers’ home — on a pallet.

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Now, our offer here in Canada varies a bit, but rest assured, it too is available to certain postal codes (you have to sign in to see if Costco will deliver the set to your area). 

Le Creuset Dream Kitchen Set


Available for $6,600, the *slightly* more modest 126-piece Dream Kitchen Set can be purchased in its trademark red or grey hues (blue is unfortunately no longer available). This means that at some $52 a piece, some Canadians can now be proud owners of its high-end, durable cookware, bakeware, tableware and essential tools, including the brand’s legendary cast iron cookware, both round and oval Dutch ovens, various stainless steel and toughened nonstick options and more… so, so much more. 

The same Classic set in additional colourways is also available at Le Creuset Canada for $7,000. 

But those with less storage space or a smaller designated Le Creuset budget will want to check out our favourite Le Creuset Amazon deals. 

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