These Are the Least and Most Expensive Countries to Buy Wine In

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When picking the perfect travel destination, we tend to look for three things: the music, the food and of course, the wine. Wine might not be the most popular drink in every country, however one thing does stand out – how much it costs. In Canada prices of wine vary, a classic local Ontarian wine can go from $9 at Wine Rack to over $50 per bottle of ice wine at LCBO. Imported wine tends to be on the higher price range with French, Italian and Spanish vintages pricing well over $40.


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A recent study conducted by private jet database company Compare My Jet compared the prices of wine in over 36 countries and ranked them based on affordability. The site chose countries that fell under the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) based on how much wine they consumed and produced comparatively. In Canada specifically, rosé ended up being the most popular wine in Central and Eastern Canada, whereas red wine was the most popular in the Territories and Western Canada. However, globally red wine was the most popular with sparkling wine being the least popular.

Read on to find out which countries have the most (and least) affordable wine. Thankfully, Canada sits at the middle of the pack, but the rest might surprise you.

Most expensive countries to buy wine

  • Iceland, $18+
  • Norway $17+
  • South Korea $16+
  • United States $15+
  • Switzerland $14+
  • It’s understandable that less accessible countries like Iceland and Norway would rank higher on prices of wine, but surprisingly the United States ranks high as well despite producing a ton of wine through many US states.

    Least expensive countries to buy wine

  • Portugal $4+
  • Hungary $5+
  • Chile $6+
  • Slovakia $6+
  • Germany $7+
  • Countries like Portugal and Germany that produce lots of wine top the list of least expensive to buy. With so much delicious local wine at their fingertips, it makes sense that it wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.

    With these stats in mind, where are you going to plan your next trip to wine country?

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