Meet Amy Poehler & Maya Rudolph — Hosts of Baking It

Baking It is back! This season the judging grandmas and co-host Maya Rudolph are being joined by a familiar face. Amy Poehler is joining Maya as a co-host in the Baking It cabin. While this is not the first time these funny ladies have graced our screens, we definitely hope this is not the last. Want to get to know the Baking It co-hosts more? Well you’re in the right spot! Here are 10 facts about two of the funniest ladies in showbiz – Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph. 

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Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!

These two met while appearing as cast members on the sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live. They joined only a few months apart with Maya joining in 2000 and Amy joining in 2001. Maya and Amy shared the screen for six years, until Maya left in 2007. They starred in a number of sketches together including the parody talk show Bronx Beat which resulted in a viral clip of them repeating sweater weather (or sweata weatha) in strong New York accents. 

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They were both in improv troupes 

Before joining SNL, both funny ladies perfected their comedy chops in well-known improv and comedy troupes. Maya was a member of The Groundlings in LA, which has many famous alumni including fellow former SNL cast members Kristen Wiig, Will Ferrell and Friends star Lisa Kudrow. 

On the east coast in New York City, Amy helped to form her own improv troupe called the Upright Citizens Brigade. Some of their famous alumni include former SNL cast member Kate McKinnon, and Amy’s Parks and Recreation cast mates Aubrey Plaza and Ben Schwartz. 

They have been friends for 21 years 

After meeting on SNL back in 2001, these two were instant friends. They quickly learned to make every day at work fun and constantly played off each other while in sketches together. After both leaving SNL, the two continued to share the screen, while starting in movies such as Sisters and Wine Country. 

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Amy Poehler also hosted Making It

Before Baking It, there was Making It! The cabin that is used as home to the Baking It bakers, grandmas and hosts was originally used for Making It. This lighthearted crafting competition was hosted by Amy and her former Parks and Recreation cast mate Nick Offerman. Each week a group of “makers” would compete in making a series of handmade projects in their own unique style.  

Maya Rudolph comes from a famous family

Maya is second generation Hollywood royalty with her father being composer Richard Rudolph and her mother being singer-songwriter Minnie Riperton. Maya’s brother is also in show business as a music engineer. 

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Amy didn’t start cooking until later in her life

Amy is of the belief that you can start cooking at any stage of your life, just like she did! While she has learned to love cooking over the last 10 years, she has yet to conquer baking. She says that the science of baking is what makes it hard, but maybe one day she will try her hand at it!

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Maya describes herself as a “fair-weather baker”

While Maya is not a regular baker, she definitely feels like a “fair-weather baker”. She will bake whenever she feels like baking, and will make whatever she wants to eat and that usually includes some kind of delicious crust. 

They are both executive producers of Baking It

The comedy queens are doing double duty on Baking It! Not only do they serve as wonderful co-hosts, they also executive produce the series. Talk about girl bosses!

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They always want to be their true selves 

If there is one thing Maya and Amy want to bring to the Baking It cabin, it is their positive energy. They are always trying to make it a fun, goofy and warm environment for the bakers and the grandmas. 

This is their first time hosting together

After 21 years of friendship, six years of Saturday Night Live, and two movies – this is Maya and Amy’s first time hosting something together! With that kind of history, it was a no-brainer that these two funny ladies would have great chemistry in the Baking It cabin.

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