Our Honest Review of Mucho Burrito’s New Tango Burrito

Mucho Burrito two Tango burritos on a white plate
Mucho Burrito

Mucho Burrito has been serving up tacos, burritos, quesadillas and more in over 150 locations across Canada. Now, the popular chain has just released a new summer menu item that’s only available for a limited time: introducing the Tango Burrito. The Tango puts a twist on a classic by having a half-crispy-fried tortilla filled with crispy chicken tenders. Read on for everything to know about the Tango plus our honest review. 

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What is the Tango Burrito?

The new Tango Burrito is the limited edition burrito on Mucho Burrito’s menu. It’s a half-fried burrito stuffed with crispy chicken tenders, house-made refined beans, new Salsa Teressa, Spicy Rancho Sauce, Mexican Three-Cheese blend, charred corn, citrus coleslaw and in-house pickled red onions. The delicious ingredients are all wrapped up in a white flour tortilla that’s fried on one side to give customers a crispy yet soft burrito — it’s the best of both worlds. 

What does the Tango Burrito from Mucho Burrito taste like?

The Tango Burrito was very interesting yet bursting with flavour. We appreciated the size of the burrito as it was large enough that it was perfect to fill you up for lunch. 

The burrito was stuffed with all the delicious ingredients that make the Tango. We enjoyed the flavour combination of the Salsa Teressa, the sweetness of the corn, the Spicy Rancho Sauce and coleslaw. It was refreshing, had a nice kick without it being too spicy and the crunchy pieces of the coleslaw really tied everything together.

We were skeptical of the chicken tenders in a burrito at the start because it seemed like an unusual combo, and even though it wasn’t our preferred protein of choice, we enjoyed how tasty it was. We would’ve also preferred to have the tortilla a little more fried because the crunch is highly crave-worthy. Nevertheless, if you don’t like beans and beef in your burrito, then this one is definitely something you should try!  

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Where can I find the new Tango Burrito?

Order the Tango Burrito at a participating Mucho Burrito location or online for pickup or delivery for about $16. You can also order through popular delivery apps at select locations. 

How long is the new Tango Burrito available for?

The Tango Burrito is available this summer for a limited time only.