Patria Reopened in Toronto, Here’s Our Honest Review


After a long hiatus, the beloved Toronto restaurant Patria has made its triumphant return to Toronto’s King West neighbourhood. This west end hot spot has garnered recognition over the years for being a prime location to scope out celebrities passing through the city, especially during TIFF. Not to mention, it’s one of the very few Spanish-forward restaurants in Toronto.


That said, Patria was indeed due for a refresh. The previous iteration felt a tad too drab for the otherwise extravagant neighbourhood of King St. West. The now-updated space evokes a sense of renewed life, excitement and warmth. This reimagining of Patria was the missing piece needed to balance the oversaturation of nightclub-esque restaurants in the area. Read on to learn more about our first impressions of the refreshed space and review of Patria’s new menu.

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Where is Patria?

Patria retained its original location at 478 King St. West — just behind the Patagonia boutique. The restaurant entrance maintains it’s illustrious charm with rod iron gates ushering guests into a narrow path leading to the front door.

What is the look and feel at Patria?

Unlike the previous iteration, the space itself is bright and warm with thoughtful wood finishings and colourful textiles woven into the metal framing around the back wall. The wine and spirits menu is extensive, while the food was well curated to encompass the various culinary regions in Spain. In case you’re wondering, Patria is indeed very Instagrammable.

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What’s on the menu at Patria?

Patria’s new menu features a selection of traditional tapas while riffing on a few notable staple dishes. The menu feels reenergized with a strong understanding of authentic Spanish food. If you’re familiar with Spanish cuisine, you’ll notice a variety of regions represented on the menu such as Catalonia, Basque country and Andalucía. We tried a sampling of Patria’s new dishes, here’s our honest review:

Sangria tinto, $17: Dare we say, this is our favourite sangria in the whole city? This classic Spanish cocktail is perfectly balanced hitting all the right flavours you would find in a typical Spanish tavern.

Amaraga, $24: This fresh salad included endives and radicchio — which are typically bitter; however, the citrus vinaigrette coupled with the goat cheese made for a pleasant and visually appealing starter.

Croquetas de jamon, $16: Croquetas are staple when getting tapas at a Spanish restaurant. This version tasted great, however we didn’t feel the portion of two pieces justified the price point.

Patatas Bravas, $15: The patatas bravas were definitely a highlight for us. A simple dish, made with a few ingredients but oh-so homey. The fried egg atop the dish was a perfect complement.

Paella de la huerta, $34: Mushroom paella isn’t necessarily the most popular rendition of paella, but this dish was well-balanced and is an excellent option for vegetarians. We ordered the small version (suited for two people), though there is a larger version priced at $70. This wasn’t a must-order for us, but we enjoyed it.

Torta de queso, $16: This Basque cheesecake was deliciously creamy with a hint of sweetness coming from the anise and citrus cream. If Basque cheesecake is ever on the menu, the answer is always yes.

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How much is a meal at Patria?

It’s worth noting that despite how much we enjoyed the meal, the menu itself is still pricey (especially given the portion sizes), and will likely cost around $75 per person. That said, if you’re looking for a night out at an elevated Spanish restaurant, we definitely recommend Patria. To make a reservation, book here on OpenTable.