What To Look for When Shopping for Eggs

Open up a fridge anywhere in Canada, and odds are, you’ll find a carton of eggs. A bona fide kitchen staple, eggs are used in everything from fried rice to cupcakes, plus they’re a delicious bundle of protein all on their own.


When it comes to choosing eggs, however, there are certain things to look for and with the rising costs of eggs, you want to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

Keep it simple

According to Supermarket Stakeout host and chef Alex Guarnaschelli, you don’t want to overcomplicate it. “You don’t want an egg carton with a lot of words on it because why are they explaining so much? Keep it simple,” she advises.

The chef says the shell colour is a matter of esthetics only and doesn’t actually change the taste of the eggs. In fact, the egg colour matches the feathers of the hen that laid it. What you do want to look for when perusing the grocery aisle are specific keywords: “pasture-raised” and/or “organic.”

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“If you want them enhanced with Omega-3s, that’s fine, but those are the keywords you want to look for,” she says.

Does the size of the eggs you buy matter?

As far as size goes, it doesn’t matter whether you choose small, extra-large, or a size in between for making scrambled eggs or other everyday dishes. But when it comes to baking, you’ll want to grab a carton of extra-large eggs.

“By the way, the older the hen, the larger the eggs they lay,” Guarnaschelli adds. “But for baking, the standard is extra-large. In any case, buy the size you like otherwise.”

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