We Tried Silk’s Nextmilk – It’s a Plant-Based Milk Game Changer

Silk NextMilk

Whether you’ve gone plant-based for the planet or your body simply cannot handle lactose anymore (relatable), finding a plant-based milk that actually tastes like dairy milk can feel like a fruitless endeavor. Well, until now. This week, Silk officially launched their new Nextmilk, a dairy-free beverage designed to emulate the taste and texture of dairy milk as closely as possible. And we’re excited say that we think they’ve succeeded. Read on for everything you need to know.


So, what’s it made of?

Made with a blend of oat, coconut and soy, the dairy-free beverage has 2% fat for a creamy finish with no artificial colours or flavours. It contains 3 grams of sugar per 250 mL and is a non-GMO Project verified product. For those with allergies and intolerances, it’s also free of lactose, gluten and carrageenan.

Does it have any health benefits?

According to the brand, Silk Nextmilk is an excellent source of vitamin B12 and riboflavin, a good source of calcium, and a source of vitamin D, vitamin A, zinc and fibre.

How does it really taste?

You can definitely taste the coconut and oat bases of the milk, but it’s much more muted than a typical coconut or oat milk. It’s light and creamy and extremely drinkable – yes, we’d really drink a glass of it on its own (not something we can say for our beloved almond or oat milks). The most unique aspect is the way it coats the palate for a decidedly creamy mouthfeel, just like dairy milk.

What can I eat or drink it with?

This milk is seriously versatile. To put it to the test, we tried it with food and drink items we’d typically avoid pairing a plant-based milk with (because putting oat milk into oatmeal just feels wrong). For a morning caffeine fix, we tried it frothed in a latte (delicious and definitely frothy!), and splashed in a cup of tea (super subtle). We also tried it with a bowl of cereal and poured over oatmeal, and when combined with those stronger flavours, we’d never have guessed it’s a plant-based milk if we hadn’t known. We have a feeling it could easily be paired with pasta for a dairy-free creamy pasta alternative, or swirled into a vegan soup for a creamy base.

Where can I find it and how much does it cost?

Silk Nextmilk is already rolling out at grocery stores Canada-wide, with a suggested retail price of $5.29 for 1.74 litres.

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