Staub Stackables Have Arrived in Canada – Find Out How They Stack Up

Black Staub Stackables

Good quality enameled cast iron cookware is an essential in any home chef’s kitchen. But bulky Dutch ovens and braisers can be awkward and clunky to store (especially in small spaces), which is why we were so excited to see that Staub Stackables have officially arrived in Canada. As the name suggests, the three- and four-piece cookware sets are designed to be stackable, with the fry pan, braiser, and Dutch oven nesting inside each other with one universal lid for all three (or two, depending on which set you choose). Think of it as a clever nesting doll for pots, which also happens to be significantly more affordable than buying each piece of cookware on its own. Read on for our thoughts on Staub’s latest offering.


The Basics

Staub needs no introduction – the storied French brand is known for being the best of the best when it comes to cookware (they have a healthy competition with Le Creuset, but it’s worth noting that reigning lifestyle queen Gwyneth Paltrow prefers Staub). Thoughtfully constructed with heavyweight cast iron that’s designed to retain heat without any variability, it’s the kind of cookware you keep forever. The Staub Stackables come in three- and four-piece sets that are $499 and $599, respectively. The three-piece set consists of a 4 liter cocotte and 9 ½ -inch skillet with universal lid while the four piece consists of those items, plus a 2.9 liter braiser. Both sets are accompanied by helpful rubberized bumpers that go between the pots for storage to prevent scratches.

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Blue Staub Stackables

Staub Stackables,, $499-599.

The Pros


It’s undeniable that the space-saving capabilities of this set are its main selling point. Typical enameled cast iron cookware is not stackable (at least not to this extent), and you often risk that the precious enameled coating could be scratched or damaged in the process. The rubberized bumpers ensure that this won’t happen, and together the entire set takes up the same footprint as a single cocotte or Dutch oven.


Another aspect of this cookware that can’t be overlooked is the affordability. While $499 for a set of pots is undeniably pricy, a single Staub cocotte typically retails for $399 on its own. If you’re looking to invest in a set of high-quality cookware, this set can’t be beat for price.


Let’s face it – this cookware is absolutely gorgeous. The sets come in a variety of colours including a luxe deep red Grenadine, an inky Dark Blue, a classic bright White Truffle and more, so that you can customize it to your own taste. Having a set of Staub cookware is essentially the kitchen equivalent of a designer handbag: Whether it’s making a statement on your stovetop or serving as a hearty centerpiece at a dinner party, it’s a timeless piece of cookware that looks as good as it cooks.

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Staub Stackables on the stovetop

The Cons

One Lid for Two or Three Pots

The concept of one universal lid for two or three pots seems brilliant at first, it does cause a bit of an issue if you’re trying to use more than one of the pots at once. You’ll either need to resign to not having all of your pots covered, or use one of your other pot lids to get the job done (not the most glamourous option). It’s probably only on rare occasions that you’d be using the skillet, braiser and cocotte all at once, but still something to note.

Bulky and Heavy

While these sets are specifically designed to save space, they are still quite bulky and heavy. Depending on what kind of storage space you have available, maneuvering the pot you want out from the nest of cookware isn’t the easiest, and the combined weight of the sets is a whopping 15 pounds for the three-piece, and 25 pounds for the four-piece. While heaviness is an unavoidable aspect of any Dutch oven or cast iron cookware, it’s not common to carry multiple together pieces at once, the way you might with the Staub Stackables. It’s not a deal breaker, but definitely something to consider before you invest (alternatively, you can think of it as a bonus arm workout).

The Verdict

This set isn’t for everyone – if you’re looking for more affordable enameled cast iron cookware, there are plenty of affordable options available for a fraction of the price (we like Lodge). That said, if you’re ready to invest in high-end cookware, it’s hard to beat the quality, affordability, versatility, and space-saving aspect of the Staub Stackables. We have a feeling this is one set of cookware that just about anyone would be thrilled to own.

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