Here’s How to Make the Viral Fruit Roll-Up Ice Cream

Have you ever asked yourself — what could make ice cream taste better? Us too. Say hello to TikTok’s viral Fruit Roll-Ups ice cream hack. A mish-mash of two popular kid’s snacks bundled up into one delicious frozen treat. As a sugar connoisseur myself, it was only natural that I test out TikTok’s newest foodie concoction.


If you’re unfamiliar, Fruit Roll-Ups are a North American take on fruit leather. Filled with sugar and a ton of other fruity flavourings, Fruit Roll-Ups continue to be a popular snack for kids (and adults) everywhere. Although I’m not always keen on these viral “hacks”, I did find this dessert quite tasty. The punch of tropical fruit with the aroma and chilly texture of ice cream paired well. If you’re looking for something quick and easy to cool you down this summer, this might be your best bite. But enough chatter, here’s everything to know about the viral Fruit Roll-Up ice cream, plus how to make it.

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Is Fruit Roll-Up vegan?

Yes it is! To make this treat completely vegan, we used vegan ice cream for the full non-dairy experience.

Where can I buy Fruit Roll-Up?

At any local grocery store with a snack aisle. Oddly enough, they are usually next to most healthy granola bars.

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Will sorbet and gelato work as well?

Absolutely! Whether it’s ice cream, gelato or sorbet, all work deliciously well with Fruit Roll-Up.

How long does Fruit Roll-Up ice cream last in the freezer?

As long as your tub of ice cream lasts. The Fruit Roll-Up won’t be impacted by freezer burn like other products. If you’re weary however, place in a plastic container for maximum freshness.

Can I add Tabasco Sauce?

First off, why would you? Secondly, yes.

How do you make Fruit Roll-Up ice cream?

Step one:

Take one strip of Fruit Roll-Up and lay it flat, ironing out any heavy creases or folds.

Step two:

Scoop a dollop of ice cream onto the Fruit Roll-Up sheet. Encase the pair like a small dumping, folding each side and pinching the edges.

Step three:

Enjoy immediately or place in the freezer for 10-15 minutes for extra crunch!

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