From Peeling Garlic to Fixing a Soup-Fail, These Are the Best Foods Hacks from Wall of Chefs

If you’ve ever struggled to open a stubborn jar lid, you know clever hacks are a must in any kitchen. When it comes to food hacks, the following genius ideas for saving time and adjusting flavours in the kitchen will come in handy – especially since they’re expert-approved from the chefs behind Wall of Chefs.


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Acidic Soup Hack

Ever taste your tomato soup and it’s a bit too tangy? Chef Roger Mooking has a great recommendation – just add some diced carrots to sweeten it all up.

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Easy Peel and Store Ginger

If you’ve ever struggled with trying to peel a fresh piece of ginger, you need to watch this hack. In the meantime, put away your knife and reach for a spoon.

Salty Soup Hack

Too much seasoning in your soup or stew? Just drop a diced up potato in there and taste magic happen, says Roger Mooking. (What Roger says, we do!)

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Easy Peeled Garlic Hack

Peeling garlic with this hack will take this task from a chore and turn it into a good time! Thanks, Hugh.

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