pies recipes

Last week’s episode of Cutthroat Kitchen introduced a new spin on a classic pizza pie, when competitors were given a flaky pie crust instead of traditional dough for a pizza-making challenge. It got us thinking about the crème de la crust of pies in our recipe collection. Traditional or not, we’ve spied some sweet and savoury creations that are worth sneaking into your meal.

1. Whoopie Pie

2. Tex Mex Shepherd’s Pie

3. Meat Pie

4. Chocolate Cream Pie

5. Three Cheese Quiche

6. Creamy Chicken Pot Pie

7. Spinach Pie

8. Frosted Raspberry Hand Pies

9. Pie in a Jar

10. Baby Cherry Pies

11. Cheesy Potato Pie

12. Tourtiere De Ville

13. Ham Hock, Cheese & Egg Pie