One of Vancouver’s oldest independent chocolate shops, Chocolate Arts has been producing playful, fresh and innovative chocolate creations that remain true to traditional artisanal quality and techniques since 1992. Owner and head chocolatier Greg Hook and his team are constantly innovating, striving to provide something to satisfy every palate and penchant.

As the first chocolate shop in Vancouver to align itself with the local, sustainable movement, Chocolate Arts sources locally grown, organic and seasonal products wherever possible, effectively capturing the spirit and flavours of the Pacific Northwest. With its ever-expanding and continuously evolving lineup of products (complete with vegan and vegetarian options), Chocolate Arts has something for every season and occasion—from bite-size confections to show stopping centerpieces.

Check out these delicious, chocolate recipes courtesy of Greg Hook:

Chocolate Milk


Peanut Butter & Chocolate Spread


Chocolate Parfait Bar


Lemon and White Chocolate Cream