A great way to inject vanilla flavour into your baking is by making your very own vanilla extract, and the basics are easy; just stick vanilla beans in a jar with liquor, seal, shake and wait. Though it does take a bit of patience to wait for the alcohol to extract the flavour from the beans, the results are well worth it.


Here are a few simple steps to follow:

1. Cut the vanilla bean lengthwise into a couple of pieces.

2. Grab a clean glass jar and put in the pieces, 1/3 tsp sugar and
3 ounces of vodka, brandy or dark rum.

3. Make sure the bean is completely covered by the sugar and

4. Shake the mixture and store in a cool, dark place.

5. Revisit the liquid once in a while and give it a shake.

Your vanilla will get darker and more concentrated as it sits. It’ll be ready to be used after a few weeks, or you can leave it for a few months for more concentrated vanilla flavour.