Kung Hei Fat Choi! Welcome to the year of the Horse. To celebrate, we’ve come up with a list of all the signs of the Chinese zodiac and what they say about the foodie in you!



Dragons are free-spirited and non-conformists. Everything they do is on a grand scale, so when you cook, your guests are in for a night to remember. Forget “Chicken Thursday.” Dragons serve duck à l’orange. Lynn Crawford and Bobby Flay are both dragons.



Snakes need peace in order to thrive, so your kitchen is likely organized and efficient. They also like the material things in life, so when you entertain, you set a gorgeous table. You’re in good company, too: the doyenne of all things domestic, Martha Stewart, was born under this sign.



Horses are known to be hot-headed, hot tempered, and impatient. If you tend to run a tight ship in the kitchen and won’t accept less-than-perfect mashed potatoes, you must have been born in the year of the horse. No surprise then that superstar chef Gordon Ramsay is a horse.



If you regularly snack on caviar and sip Chateau Mouton Rothschild, you’re probably a goat. You’ll be happy to know you’re also the luckiest sign of the Chinese zodiac (with tastes like that, you’ll need luck to keep your bank account flush). And, lucky for the rest of us, goats also like to share.



Monkeys are extremely inventive and love working out problems. While they might like to create their own signature dish or tackle the most complicated recipe in their favourite cookbook, they prefer sitting down to light snacks rather than full-course meals. Pass the canapés! Anna Olson and Rachael Ray were both born in the year of the monkey.



Roosters love to host parties and will do whatever it takes to make their guests happy. If you’re hosting a dinner and have prepared special dishes for your vegetarian, dieting, and wheat-intolerant guests, you are the quintessential rooster.



Dogs are organized and very determined. If a recipe flopped on their first try, they’ll have no trouble trying again and again until they get it right. Italian chef Giada de Laurentiis was born under this sign.



The homebodies of the zodiac, pigs are always ready to offer a bowl of comfort food to someone in need. The next time you’re sick in bed and need a pot of homemade chicken broth, call one of your pig friends. Celebrity chefs Emeril Lagasse and Paula Deen were both born under this vivacious sign.



Organized, determined, and hard-working, rats are very good at getting others to help with the cooking. This is the first sign of the Chinese zodiac, rats are leaders, so put them in charge if you’re arranging a potluck or large family dinner. Just don’t get in their way once you do. No surprise then that Nigella Lawson and Julia Child were both born under the year of the rat.



If you’ve got to clean up after a huge holiday dinner, you want an ox at your side. Tireless and reliable, these are the workhorses of the zodiac. Not the most flamboyant of the signs, an ox likes to stick with the traditional favourites when cooking—the tried and true, just like them: think rice pudding, not crème brulée.



The tigers are the bravest of all the signs, ready to engage in battle at the drop of an oven mitt. There isn’t a dish these fearless chefs won’t tackle, so always expect the most spectacular, unusual meals at their table. Ace of Cakes chef Duff Goldman is a tiger.



Rabbits are gentle and kindhearted, but also have spines of steel and can focus single-mindedly on their goals. If you’re a rabbit, you’ve never met a diet you can’t master, easily following meal plans and recipes. Food revolutionary, Jamie Oliver is – surprise surprise – a rabbit.