Ahi Poke Bowl

Close-up food beauty of an ahi tuna poke bowl with ginger, seaweed salad and fresh tuna
Prep Time
20 min
Cook Time
1 bowl

This mouth-watering ahi tuna poke bowl features rice, tuna, seaweed salad and chili water  and will have you tasting the ocean.

Courtesy of Chef Monica K. Toguchi Ryan of The Highway Inn.

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lb ahi tuna(sushi or sashimi grade)
Hawaiian rock sea salt
tsp Inamona (roasted kukui nut) or substitute with roasted sesame seeds
oz limu (algae)
stalks green onion, finely cut

Hawaiian Chili Pepper Water

Hawaiian chili peppers
Hawaiian salt


cup rice, cooked
Furkake seasoning (toasted sesame seeds, nori, salt, sugar)
Ocean salad (seaweed salad)
Pickled ginger
Pickled onions
Green onions, sliced



Cook time can vary from 40 minutes to one hour depending on your rice cooker.

Step 1

Prepare rice according to package directions.

Step 2

When the rice has finished cooking, fluff rice with rice paddle and allow to cool slightly. It should still be warm, but you don’t want to cook the fish.

Step 3

Cut the ahi into bite-size cubes, about ¾ inch to 1-inch square.

Step 4

Sprinkle the ahi generously with inamona (coarsely ground roasted kukui nut) and Hawaiian salt.

Step 5

Mix in limu and green onion (reserve some green onion for garnish). Set aside. Can be prepared several hours to a day ahead; refrigerate if making ahead.

Step 6

Scoop rice into a serving bowl and sprinkle with furikake to taste.

Step 7

Top rice with poke and garnish with pickled ginger, ocean salad, pickled onions, and scallions.

Step 8

Serve with the Hawaiian Chili Pepper Water on the side and a small dish of Hawaiian salt for additional seasoning, if desired.

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