Air Fryer Pretzel-Crusted Chicken Tenders With Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce

A plate of pretzel-crusted chicken tenders with honey mustard dip
Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
14 min
2-3 servings

It’s hard to beat classic chicken tenders, but this crunchy pretzel twist takes the beloved pub food to the next level. And the best part is, they’re cooked in the air fryer in under 15 minutes! This air fryer chicken tenders recipe is ideal for using up any stale pretzels, cereal or crackers that are in your cupboard. Simply crush them by hand or in a food processor, and you’ve got a perfectly salted (or sweet!) crunchy coating. I love making chicken tenders with this recipe, but you could easily adapt this for chicken cutlets or your favourite cut of chicken, just be sure to adjust the cooking time accordingly. Serve these air fryer chicken tenders with a quick honey mustard dipping sauce and a simple green salad for a speedy and scrumptious weeknight dinner.

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Pretzel-crusted chicken tenders

1 ½
cup pretzels
tsp garlic powder
pinch black pepper
tsp paprika
cup flour
chicken tenders
Cooking spray

Honey mustard dipping sauce

cup mayonnaise
tsp honey
Tbsp Dijon mustard
tsp garlic powder


Ingredients for air fryer pretzel-crusted chicken tenders
Step 1

Pulse pretzels in a food processor until thoroughly crushed and sand-like, with some larger pretzel-chunks throughout.

Pretzel crumbs in a food processor
Step 2

Place crushed pretzels in a shallow bowl and mix together with garlic powder, black pepper and paprika.

Pretzel coating in a bowl with a gold spoon
Step 3

Whisk the egg together with a splash of water in a shallow bowl. Place flour in a shallow bowl or rimmed plate.

Egg wash, flour and pretzel seasoning in three separate bowls
Step 4

Season chicken tenders generously with salt, then dip into flour, followed by the egg mixture and then the crushed pretzel seasoning, shaking off any excess breading. Repeat with all remaining tenders.

Raw pretzel-crusted chicken tenders on a plate
Step 5

Transfer chicken tenders to air fryer basket and coat generously with cooking spray.

Raw chicken tenders coated with cooking spray in air fryer basket
Step 6

Air fry for 12 to 14 minutes at 400°F or until tenders are cooked through, flipping midway through and spraying the other side with additional cooking spray.

Cooked pretzel-crusted chicken tenders in air fryer basket
Step 7

Meanwhile, mix together all dipping sauce ingredients in a small bowl and plate alongside chicken tenders.

Pretzel-crusted chicken tenders on a plate
Step 8

Enjoy chicken tenders with dipping sauce while hot.

Pretzel-crusted chicken tenders being dipped into honey mustard dipping sauce

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