Apple Cart Cockail

  • prep time3 min
  • total time 3 min
  • serves 1

Courtesy of Lauren Mote for Bittered Sling Extracts.

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Directions for: Apple Cart Cockail


1 ½ oz (45 mL) Pere Magloire FIne Calvados

½ oz (15 mL) Aperol

½ oz (15 mL) Apple Manzana Liqueur

¾ oz (22 mL) Fino Sherry

¾ oz (22 mL) lemon juice

¾ oz (22 mL) simple syrup

2 dashes Bittered Sling Zingiber Crabapple Bitters


1. Shake all ingredients with ice, double strain over fresh ice in a double old-fashioned or Collins glass. Garnish with a long flap of orange lemon peel.

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