Brothy, Herbaceous White Beans

A bowl of brothy beans with herbs
Prep Time
3 min
Cook Time
15 min
2-4 servings

This may be a simple and easy recipe to whip up, but you’ll find these brothy white beans pack a major flavour punch! This part stew, part dip is creamy, herby, and garlicky and pairs perfectly with a piece of toasty sourdough. If you don’t have all of the herbs on hand, feel free to substitute with whatever’s in your crisper, like basil, cilantro or sage; this sauce is forgiving and easily adapted. We highly recommend using homemade broth in this recipe as it provides the best foundation of flavour. And, if you eat dairy, fresh Parmesan sprinkled on top will take it up a notch.



Brothy beans

Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
small shallots, sliced
cans (15-oz) white beans, drained or 3 cups cooked beans (cannellini or navy beans)
1 ½
cups vegetable broth
tsp sea salt

Herby Oil

cup parsley leaves
cup tarragon leaves
Tbsp thyme leaves
small garlic clove, minced
cup extra virgin olive oil
Tbsp lemon juice
tsp sea salt

Optional Toppings

pinch red pepper flakes
pinch grated parmesan cheese
squeeze lemon juice


Step 1

Heat extra virgin olive oil in a skillet over medium for a minute, add the shallots, and sauté for 3 to 4 minutes or until the shallots soften and start to lightly brown on the edges.

Shallots sizzling in oil for brothy, herby white beans
Step 2

Pour the white beans into the hot skillet and toss with the shallots, along with the broth and sea salt.

Step 3

Bring to a simmer, reduce the heat to low and continue simmering for 5 minutes to infuse the flavours together.

Step 4

Scoop 1 cup of beans out and place in the food processor. Make sure you include some of the broth as well, to help with blending. Blend the beans until creamy.

Step 5

Once creamy and smooth, pour the blended beans back into the skillet and stir together with the whole beans and broth. Make sure to leave lots of the beans whole, as you want contrast here between the whole beans and the blended beans.

White beans in a skillet for brothy, herby white beans
Step 6

Quickly rinse out the food processor.

Step 7

Prepare the herby oil: add the parsley, tarragon, thyme leaves, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice and sea salt to the food processor. Blend for about 30 seconds or until the herbs are chopped up finely and you have a nice green mixture.  You still want to have some small pieces of the herbs in the oil.

Herbs being blended in a food processor
Step 8

To serve, pour the white bean and broth mixture into bowls. Stir in the herby oil, adding as much as you like. If you’d like, add red pepper flakes and grated parmesan and serve with toasted sourdough bread. Feel free to add an extra squeeze of lemon juice too!

A bowl of brothy beans with herbs

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