This Charcuterie Chalet is a Holiday Show-Stopper

A charcuterie chalet on a plate
Prep Time
30 min
4 servings

If you’re looking for a fun way to level up your charcuterie board this holiday season, look no further than this cute charcuterie chalet! This savoury twist on a gingerbread house is made with a structurally-sound pretzel and cheese stick framework, crunchy crispy siding, salami tiled rooftop, a delicious olive walkway and aren’t these mushrooms rad(ish)? Have fun and get creative with your own cozy chalet.

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package large pretzel rods
package cheese sticks
packages Boursin cheese or cream cheese
package rye crispbread crackers
package thin bread sticks
slices white cheddar or gouda
package small salami links
salami stick, thinly sliced
handful pomegranate seeds
bunch radishes
cup Kalamata olives
package prosciutto
sprigs rosemary
sprigs fresh dill
cup crumbled feta or unsweetened coconut


Step 1

Build the framework of the house by stacking pretzel sticks and cheese sticks in a cross hatch pattern to desired height. Use a spreadable cheese like Boursin or cream cheese as the glue.

Framework for a charcuterie chalet
Step 2

To make the siding, spread the cheese “glue” over 4 rye crackers and arrange the breadsticks side by side to create a paneling effect.

Siding panels for a charcuterie chalet
Step 3

Attach to the sides of the house with more cheese “glue”. Attach 2 cheese slices to the front and back of the house. Attach saalami links for the door.

The frame of a charcuterie chalet with breadstick siding attached
Step 4

For the roof, spread Boursin cheese over 4 more rye crackers and arrange the thinly sliced salami rounds to mimic shingles.

Salami on crackers for charcuterie chalet roof
Step 5

Attach the roof to the top of the framework, using more Boursin cheese to adhere the crackers together. Arrange pomegranate seeds along the roofline to mimic lights.

Charcuterie chalet with salami roof attached
Step 6

To make radish mushrooms, cut off the top and bottom of the radish. With a paring knife, and working around the entire surface, thinly shave off the skin in patches. Run the knife around the diameter of the radish, making sure not to cut all the way through. Make 4 cuts in the bottom to cut out the stem.

Charcuterie chalet mushrooms in progress
Step 7

To decorate, scatter Kalamata olives for the walkway. Roll up thinly sliced prosciutto and arrange along the walkway. Drape rosemary sprigs across the top of the cabin as garland and to use as trees. Sprinkle dill outside house as grass. Arrange stacks of salami links as logs. And finally sprinkle feta or unsweetened coconut overtop for a snowy effect.

A charcuterie chalet on a plate

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