These Chocolate Truffles Will Ease Anxiety and Help Your Mood

mood-enhancing chocolate truffles on countertop
Prep Time
10 min
15 truffles

Did you know you could make a dessert, using nutrition-packed ingredients that will help ease your anxiety and improve your mood? Well you can and these truffles are it! They are made with superfood ingredients like walnuts, hemp seeds, raw cacao and chia seeds — and each of these are loaded with important nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, B vitamins and amino acids, that all work to support a balanced mood and healthy brain function. Plus, how can you not feel good after eating something so yummy and so healthy?

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cup walnuts
Tbsp hemp seeds
Tbsp chia seeds
Medjool dates, pitted
Tbsp almond butter
Tbsp raw cacao powder plus more for dusting (optional)
tsp sea salt
Toasted, shredded, unsweetened coconut (optional)



Rest time: 45 minutes.

mood-enhancing chocolate truffle ingredients on countertop
Step 1

Plug in your food processor and install the “S” blade. Place the walnuts, hemp seeds and chia seeds in and pulse until a crumbly texture forms. Turn the food processor on and begin adding the dates through the feeder hole as it’s running. Once all the dates are in, pulse a few times until they’re well dispersed.

mood-enhancing chocolate truffle being made on countertop
Step 2

Open up the lid and spoon in the almond butter, raw cacao and sea salt. Blend until everything is fully combined, about 30-60 seconds. When you put the mixture in your hand, it should easily form into a ball. If it’s too dry, add a few spoonfuls of water and blend for a few more seconds.

Step 3

Shape into 15 balls, using one heaping Tbsp per ball. Roll half of the balls in the raw cacao powder and the other half in the toasted coconut. You can also skip this part if you prefer them naked.

mood-enhancing chocolate truffles on countertop
Step 4

Place the balls in a flat container or on a tray and freeze for 45 minutes until hard.

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