Cookie and Milk Eclair

Cookie and Milk Eclair

This eclair is a spin on the classic black and white cookie.



Choux Pastry

mL water
mL milk
g butter
g salt
g sugar
g flour
g cocoa
large eggs

Chocolate Filling

g cream
vanilla bean
Tbsp milk powder
g white chocolate


g dark coating or easy melt chocolate chips
Chocolate cookie crumbs
Chocolate pearls
Pipettes with milk inside


Step 1

Combine flour and cocoa powder and sift into a bowl.

Step 2

Combine water, milk, salt, sugar and butter in a small pot.

Step 3

Bring the water milk mixture to a boil.

Step 4

Remove from the heat and add all the flour and cocoa mix at once to the wet mixture.

Step 5

Mix quickly using a flat wooden spoon until all the lour is incorporated and no lumps are visible.

Step 6

Put the pot back on the stove and cook the mixture on low heat for a minute mixing it all the time.

Step 7

Take off the heat and put the dough into a mixer bowl.

Step 8

Using paddle let the dough mix for roughly 1-2 min until it cools down a bit.

Step 9

Add eggs one at a time, mixing well between each.

Step 10

The dough should be shiny, soft and must gently fall off the spoon when lifted. It should not be running. It should feel stiff enough to pipe.

Step 11

Cover the bowl and let dough rest for 10 minutes.

Step 12

Preheat oven to 350°F.

Step 13

Put dough in piping bag with a star tip or French tip (6B) on to a tray lined with parchment paper. Pipe into a straight line.

Step 14

Spray piped eclairs with non-stick cooking spray and mist them lightly with water.

Step 15

Bake eclairs with the door closed for 30 minutes. Slightly open the oven door to let some steam out, close the door and bake again for another 10 minutes. Let some steam out again and bake for another 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 16

Remove from oven and cool completely.

Step 17

Scrape vanilla bean into the cream.

Step 18

Bring the cream and vanilla to a boil.

Step 19

Add the milk powder and mix well using a whisk.

Step 20

Add white chocolate and mix well. Use a hand blender to emulsify the mixture evenly.

Step 21

Pour into a container and cover with a lid.

Step 22

Leave overnight in a refrigerator or at least 12 hours.

Step 23

Put the filling into a mixing bowl and whip using a wire whisk gently until soft peaks. It will look like rich whipped cream. Don’t over whip.

Step 24

Fill a piping bag with a star top and leave in refrigerator until ready to use.

Step 25

Put the eclairs in the freezer for about 15 minutes.

Step 26

Put the chocolate cookie into a ziplock bag and crush gently using a rolling pin. Put on a flat tray.

Step 27

Melt the coating chips until just warm, not too hot.

Step 28

Dip one eclair at a time into the melted chocolate upside down leaving the bottom surface of eclairs clean. Shake off excess chocolate and then roll the dipped eclair on to the cookie crumbs pressing gently before the chocolate sets.

Step 29

After all the eclairs are dipped and rolled, let the chocolate set in refrigerator for 10 – 15 mins.

Step 30

Using a bread knife, slice the eclairs length wise into half leaving the top layer slightly smaller than the base.

Step 31

Pipe the whipped chocolate ganache from the piping bag in a swirling motion over the base of the eclair.

Step 32

Sprinkle some chocolate pearls over and cover with the second half of the eclair on the top. Leave the front side slightly wide open than the backside so the piped cream is visible.

Step 33

If you have access to pipettes, fill them with milk. Poke a hole on top of the eclair with a toothpick and insert the end of pipettes inside.

Step 34

Refrigerate until ready to eat.

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