Crusted Shrimp with Coconut Red Curry Sauce

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Christine Cushing
Christine Cushing


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Directions for: Crusted Shrimp with Coconut Red Curry Sauce


Crusted Shrimp

3 eggs, beaten

2 cup chopped peanuts (500 ml)

1 ½ cup panko bread crumbs (325 ml)

Salt and pepper

24 large shrimp, shelled with tail on and de-veined

4 cup vegetable oil, for deep frying (1 litre)

Coconut Red Curry Sauce

1 Tbsp honey (15 ml)

1 tsp red curry paste (5 ml)

2 kaffir leaves, finely chopped

2 Tbsp fish sauce (30 ml)

2 Tbsp minced ginger (30 ml)

½ cup coconut milk (125 ml)

2 Tbsp fresh coriander, chopped (30 ml)


Crusted Shrimp

1. In a medium bowl, beat together the eggs and milk. In another bowl, combine peanuts, panko and salt and pepper. Dredge the shrimp first in the egg mixture and then coat in the peanut and panko mixture.

2. Put oil in a deep heavy-bottomed pot and heat to 325 degrees F. Fry the coated shrimp in batches of 6 until golden, about 1 to 2 minutes. Transfer to plate lined with paper towel to drain. Serve with Coconut Red Curry Sauce.

Coconut Red Curry Sauce

1. Put the honey, curry paste, kaffir leaves, fish sauce, ginger and coconut milk to a saucepan. Bring to a simmer and let reduce slightly. Stir in fresh cilantro. Serve the dip hot or cold with the shrimp.

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