Epic, No-Bake Toy Castle “Cake”

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Want to create your very own edible toy castle just like Yolanda’s? Here’s how!



Unsalted butter, margarine or shortening
Vanilla extract
Rice Krispies® cereal
Coloured fondant
Royal icing
Clear piping gel


Step 1

Mix up eight batches of Kellogg’s Rice Krispies® treats using the original recipe found on the box, or online (See Cook’s Note).

Step 2

Layer two batches into one, 10-inch square baking pan. Repeat this process in a second 10-inch pan. (Tip: use a small, square pan to press and level the surface. This will keep everything even and firm.)

Step 3

Use batch 5 and 6 to fill two, 6-inch square pans. (You will have some mixture left over.)

Step 4

Layer batches 7, 8, plus your leftovers into a 12-inch square pan. This pan will be thinner than the other four, but don’t worry!

Step 5

Chill in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.

Step 6

Take your two 10-inch batches and stack them on top of each other using royal icing and place it on a cake board. This is the base of the castle.

Step 7

Repeat this step with your two, 6-inch layers and use more royal icing to glue it on the top and centre of the 10-inch base.

Step 8

Roll out coloured fondant and use a decorative cutter to create a trim for each tier of the castle. Apply it using clear piping gel. (Tip: use a ruler to help you transfer the fondant from your cutting board to your castle!)

Step 9

Use more coloured fondant to create windows and doors for the castle and apply them with more clear piping gel.

Step 10

Cut your last, 12-inch batch of Rice Krispies® treats into six equal strips. These will act as your towers.

Step 11

Take four of the towers and cut them down to be 7 inches tall. (Save the leftover cubes for later!) Cut the remaining two towers in half.

Step 12

Glue more windows and decorative trim around the top and sides of the eight towers.

Step 13

Take the four leftover cubes from the 7-inch towers and cut them in half to make eight.

Step 14

Cut them into triangles to create rooftops for your eight towers.

Step 15

Use more royal icing to attach four towers to the cake board and four towers to the corners of the first tier. Then apply the peaks to the top of each tower.

Step 16

Glue colourful gumballs to the peaks of the towers using royal icing.

Step 17

Place green sprinkles around the base of the castle for a garden and you’re done! (Remember: you can use anything you have at home to decorate!)

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