Japanese Salted-Sesame Miso Cucumbers

Japanese Salted-Sesame Miso Cucumbers
Prep Time
20 min
4 servings

This recipe was adapted from Nancy Hachisu’s JAPANESE FARM FOOD, but with a richer, less vinegary taste suited better to my kids’ palates.

Why I love this recipe

This recipe is fresh, delicious, easy and so very flavourful; plus, it’s vegan!



lb(s) miniature cucumbers (about 7)
Tbsp fine sea salt
tsp blonde miso paste (or "shiro miso")
Tbsp sesame seeds
tsp water



Shiro miso is best, but you can use any kind, really; we've used navy bean and millet miso from the Toronto company Culture City. If you do like a vinegary flavour, replace water with 1 tbsp rice or coconut vinegar.

Step 1

Slice cucumbers thinly and put into a medium bowl with salt. Massage the salt into the cucumbers until they begin to soften; don’t be shy about really squishing them! Leave to sit for 10 minutes.

Step 2

Toast sesame seeds over medium heat until they begin to pop; you want them browned, but not burned. Once toasted, transfer immediately into a mortar and pestle and crush until fragrant and pastelike.

Step 3

Add miso paste and water to the sesame seeds and mix thoroughly.

Step 4

Squeeze the water out of the salt-soaked cucumbers by the handful, and then put them into another bowl. They don’t have to be dry, but they shouldn’t be dripping.

Step 5

Once the cucumbers are all squeezed and transferred, add the sesame-miso mixture to the cucumbers and knead it through with your hands.

Step 6

Serve immediately, or chill for 15 minutes and serve chilled. Keeps in the fridge for up to 24 hours.

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