Limoncello (Lemon Liqueur)

Limoncello (Lemon Liqueur)
48 servings

Recipe Courtesy of Giuliano Bugialli from “Foods of Naples and Campania.”



very large lemon
quart pure grain alcohol or unflavored Vodka (1000 ml)
cup cold water (500 ml)
to 3 cups granulated sugar (250 to 750 ml)
or 3 drops freshly squeezed lemon juice


Step 1

Wrap the lemon in a pieces of cheesecloth and tie like a package, using a rather
strong string, leaving about 6-inches of string on both ends.

Step 2

Pour the alcohol into a glass jar. Holding the package by the two ends of the string
hang it in the jar, making sure the lemon does not touch the alcohol. Wrap the ends of the string around the mouth of the jar and tie tightly. Close the jar tightly and seal the lid
by wrapping the seam with adhesive tape. Leave the jar in a cool, dark place for 1 month.

Step 3

When ready, prepare a syrup combining the cold water, the 1 to 3 cups of sugar, and the
lemon juice. Simmer over medium heat until the mixture reduces by half, about 1 hour.
Allow the syrup to rest until completely cool.

Step 4

Unseal the jar, remove and discard the lemon. Pour the flavoured alcohol into a large jar along with the syrup. Mix very well. Pour the mixture through a coffee filter into a bottle.

Step 5

Cork the bottle and let it rest in the refrigerator for at least 1 week before using it.

Step 6

Serve the limoncello in ice-cold glasses.

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