Liquid Gold – Coconut, Squash and Parsnip Soup

Liquid Gold - Coconut, Squash and Parsnip Soup

Recipe by Doug DiPasquale, Holistic Nutritionist

This soup has a delicious natural sweetness that is contrasted by the savoury aroma of sage. The coconut milk gives it a pleasing texture as well as providing quick energy from its medium chain fatty acids. Meanwhile , the parsnips and squash provide Vitamin C, calcium and potassium.



Acorn or butternut squash, peeled, seeded and cut into large cubes
Medium parsnips (unpeeled), chopped
Cooking onions, chopped
Stalks of celery, chopped
Carrots (unpeeled), chopped
Cloves of garlic, peeled and halved
Leaves of fresh sage, chopped fine
can Organic coconut milk
Tbsp Organic coconut oil
Unrefined sea salt to taste
Fresh cracked black pepper to taste
Enough filtered water to cover


Step 1

Heat a 10L pot on the stove top on medium-high heat. Once hot add coconut oil and melt it so that it covers the bottom of the pot.

Step 2

Add onions, carrots (unpeeled and celery, stirring frequently. When vegetables have begun to brown (about 5 minutes), stir in coconut milk. Add garlic, squash, parsnip (unpeeled), sage, salt and pepper.

Step 3

Add enough water so that the vegetables are just covered. Bring to a boil, stirring occasionally.

Step 4

Once boiled, turn the pot down to a simmer (low heat). Allow to simmer for forty minutes or so, stirring and checking the doneness of the squash and parsnip every so often.

Step 5

When squash is soft enough to be easily cut with a spoon remove pot from heat.
Using a hand-blender blend the soup until no chunks remain. The consistency can be adjusted by adding more water if necessary.

Step 6

Add more unrefined sea salt if needed.

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