Nougat Glacé

Nougat Glacé


cups heavy cream or crème fraîche
egg whites
cup sugar, plus 1 tbsp for the white
Tbsp water
Tbsp honey or maple syrup
cup chopped toasted almonds
cup assorted, chopped dried and candied fruit (figs and candied orange zest are an excellent combination)


Step 1

Beat the cream to stiff peaks and refrigerate. Beat the whites to stiff peaks, then sprinkle over the tablespoon of sugar and continue beating to a stiff, glossy meringue. Set aside with electric beaters at the ready.

Step 2

Bring the remaining 1/4 cup/55 g of sugar to a boil with the water. Let it boil until the syrup forms a ball when thrown in cold water, 4 minutes (250°F/120°C/firm-ball stage on a candy thermometer). Now add the honey and bring back to the boil. Run towards the egg whites…

Step 3

With the electric beaters running in the whites, slowly pour the syrup in a stream straight into the beaters or down the side of the bowl for the beaters to pick up. Continue beating until the meringue has cooled, which you can tell by feeling the bottom of the bowl. It will take 10 minutes.

Step 4

Scatter the fruits and nuts over the meringues. Dump the whipped cream on top, and fold everything together gently until evenly mixed. Freeze in a cake- or loaf-pan.

Step 5

To remove from pan, dip the pan in hot water to loosen, then flip onto a serving dish. Serve with raspberry or other fruit coulis. *Chopped dried figs and candied orange zest are an excellent combination.

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