Persian Kotlet Beef Patties

Prep Time
5 min
Cook Time
20 min
18-20 kotlets

Kotlet is a popular Iranian dish made primarily from ground beef that’s fried in a patty form. It has always been one of my father’s favourite dishes, and growing up my mother would make it for all of us for family picnics or quick lunches at home (always served alongside a crisp cold Coke!). Now, I like to make it for my own kids to carry on the tradition. We add onions, grated potatoes, eggs and lots of seasoning to give it its signature taste that my father has always known and loved. Iranians like to eat it as a Persian sandwich with fresh bread, tomatoes, pickles and lots of herbs like mint or scallions. I love enjoying mine with a chilled Coke Zero — the combination is a nostalgic recipe for magic that reminds me of sweet childhood memories around my family’s dining table.

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1 ½
lbs Yukon Gold Potatoes, boiled and finely grated
lb lean ground beef
medium onion, finely grated
tsp salt
tsp pepper
tsp cinnamon
tsp turmeric
tsp ground saffron, dissolved in ¼ tsp water
Vegetable oil as required

To serve

Fresh bread
Mint or scallions


A flat lay of the ingredients to make beef kotlet: ground beef, spices and onions
Step 1

While the potatoes are still warm, mix all kotlet ingredients except for the oil in a large bowl with your hands.

Beef kotlet ingredients in a mixing bowl
Step 2

In a shallow pan over medium low heat, pour in enough oil to coat the surface of the pan.

Step 3

While waiting for it to heat up, spoon 2 tablespoons of the beef mixture into your hands and form an oval like shape.

Raw beef kotlet patties
Step 4

Fry in pan, 4-5 minutes per side until golden and cooked through. Add as many as your pan allows, being careful to not let them touch.

Cooked beef kotlet in a pan
Step 5

Remove from pan and repeat for all kotlets.

Step 6

Serve with fresh bread, tomatoes, pickles and herbs.

Beef kotlets on a plate with pickles, greens, and bright red tomatoes

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