Pesto Pizza with Mushrooms and Smoked Gouda

Pesto Pizza with Mushrooms and Smoked Gouda
Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
10 min
3 servings

Delicious fresh pesto, juicy mushrooms, savoury red onion, finished off with the rich flavour of creamy smoked Gouda. A pizza that not only looks great, but tastes awesome too!

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g all-purpose flour
tsp salt
tsp active dry yeast
ml water


Red onion
Smoked Gouda cheese



Allow dough to rise at room temperature for around 18 hours or until doubled.

Step 1

For the pizza dough, combine dry ingredients in a bowl, slowly mix in water while stirring with a wooden spoon.

Step 2

Once dough begins to form, work it into a roughly shaped ball with your hands, leaving it in the bowl, and covering with plastic wrap.

Step 3

Allow dough to rise at room temperature for around 18 hours or until doubled in size.

Step 4

After 18 hours, remove dough from bowl and place on a floured work surface.

Step 5

Cut the dough into 3 even pieces for personal sized pizzas.

Step 6

Knead each piece of dough into a ball and allow to rise for another hour covered with a damp towel, or wrapped in plastic wrap. If you won’t be using all the dough right away, refrigerate it and remove it from the fridge 1 to 2 hours before cooking allowing it to warm to room temperature.

Step 7

While dough is resting, if using a pizza stone, place it in the cold oven and turn the heat to 500°F (or as close to that heat as possible), allowing the oven to heat for about an hour.

Step 8

If you don’t have a pizza stone, arrange the pizza dough on a baking sheet, and just preheat the oven to  500°F to 550°F.

Step 9

Once the dough has finished resting, on a floured surface, stretch it thinly to your preference (without breaking the dough).

Step 10

Spread pesto on the dough, top with sliced mushrooms, red onions and slices or shredded smoked Gouda.

Step 11

If using a baking sheet, bake at 500°F to 550°F, or if using a pizza stone turn your oven to broil and cook the pizza for about 10 minutes until desired doneness.

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