Wait ‘Til You Try Potatoes Dominoes with Melty Raclette Cheese

Potatoes dominoes with raclette cheese
Prep Time
15 min
Cook Time
45 min
2 servings

I’ve become enamored with Francis Mallmann’s love and respect for the potato. This quintessential Mallmann dish of Dominoes potatoes has just been turned on its head, with the addition of raclette cheese. Butter, sage and garlic permeate every bite of this tender potato that’s blanketed by soft Jarlsberg cheese for the perfect finish.

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Russet potatoes
Tbsp sage, chopped
cup butter, cubed
cloves garlic, chopped
brick Emmenthal cheese
Gherkin pickles, chopped
Tbsp fresh chives, chopped
Salt, to taste



This recipe requires a smoker or grill with griddle.

Step 1

To prep your potatoes, cut off the ends, but don’t discard them. Using a sharp knife, slice off the skin on all sides of the potato, making sure to turn it as you go and shape it into an even brick. Clean off any extra skin by cutting it off. Then, thinly slice your potato, keeping each slice in place and grouped together, to give the illusion that the potato is still whole. Carefully transfer the sliced potatoes onto the plancha (griddle), keeping all the slices together and standing upright. Place the reserved ends of the potatoes on the plancha, too.

Step 2

Add sage, butter and garlic to a small cast iron pan. Place on the plancha and let the butter melt. Once melted, stir, and then spoon onto your potatoes. Let your potatoes cook in the butter, about 15-20 minutes, basting with butter about halfway through. Carefully flip your potatoes, keeping all the slices together, baste with more butter and allow to keep cooking, until the exterior is brown and crispy and the interior is softened and cooked through, about another 15-20 minutes. Make sure to continue to baste with butter.

Step 3

When your potatoes are almost finished, place your brick of Emmenthal cheese directly on the plancha. Stick a fork in the top to be able to easily remove it from the grill. When the bottom of the cheese has melted and is starting to bubble, it’s time to build.

Step 4

To build, remove your potatoes from the plancha and transfer to a plate. Remove the Emmenthal cheese from the plancha, using that fork, and hold over your potatoes. With a knife or metal spatula, scrape off the melted layer of cheese onto the potatoes. Top with gherkins, chopped chives and salt, to taste.

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