Salmon & Scallop Terrine

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10 servings

Preheat oven to 250-275 F.



Scallop Mousse

lb(s) scallops
1 ½
cup heavy cream
whole eggs (2-3)

Salmon Mousse

lb(s) salmon fillet, deboned and skin removed
whole eggs
cup unsalted butter, softened
cup heavy cream


Step 1

Place scallops on a piece of paper towel to absorb excess moisture.

Step 2

In a food processor add scallops and eggs and process until smooth (about 1 minute).

Step 3

Pour mixture out into a stainless steel bowl placed on a larger bowl with ice.

Step 4

Slowly add in cream while folding into scallop puree.

Step 5

Season with salt and freshly ground white pepper.

Step 6

Pass through a fine mesh strainer or a tami into a clean bowl. Refrigerate until ready to use

Step 7

Cut salmon into small pieces.

Step 8

Place in a food processor with eggs and process until smooth.

Step 9

Add butter and process until incorporated.

Step 10

Place mixture into a bowl over ice and fold in heavy cream.

Step 11

Pass mixture through a fine mesh sieve or a tami. Refrigerate until ready to use.

Step 12

Terrine: Butter inside of a large terrine mold.

Step 13

Pour in salmon mousse into mold until ½ – ¾ full.

Step 14

Fill remaining terrine with scallop mousse.

Step 15

Place a piece of buttered foil on top of terrine (butter side down).

Step 16

Place terrine mold into a water bath and bake in oven for 35- 45 minutes or until terrine is firm to touch.

Step 17

Remove from oven and water bath and allow to cool for 10 minutes.

Step 18

Invert terrine onto a plate or platter and allow to cool completely.

Step 19

Place in refrigerator for at least 4 hours.

Step 20

To Rewarm: Cut terrine into 1 inch slices.

Step 21

Place on a baking tray lined with a piece of buttered parchment paper. Place another piece of buttered parchment on top and place in a low oven until heated through.

Step 22

To Serve: Spoon butter sauce onto the bottom of a plate and place a piece of warmed terrine on top. Serve immediately.

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