Saskatchewan Walleye Gnocchi

plate of fish decorated on top of a bed of greens
Prep Time
15 min
4 - 6 servings

This baked walleye is buttery, flavourful and stacked proudly on top of handmade gnocchi. Served with creamed spinach purée and roasted hazelnuts shaving, its light flavour and flaky texture make it a crowd pleaser time and time again.

Courtesy of Dale Mackay of Avenue Restaurant.



Walleye Gnocchi

cups (110 g) fresh Parmesan, finely grated
cups (300 g) flour
egg yolks
2 ½
cups (700 g) ricotta cheese
cup (118 mL) butter
tsp (5 mL) canola oil, cold-pressed
ounce (141 g) walleye fish (or another fish filet of your choice)
cup (177 mL) roasted hazelnuts, grated

Spinach Purée

1 ½
kilogram spinach
tbsp (30 mL) roasted garlic, puréed
litre cream
litre Parmesan


Step 1

Boil a pot of salted water.

Step 2

With the exception of the walleye filet, combine the Parmesan, flour, egg yolks and ricotta cheese in a bowl and by hand, knead until dough forms. Roll dough into a ball ensuring no flour remains.

Step 3

To prep the cutting of the dough, dust a flat surface with a sprinkle of flour.

Step 4

Cut dough into quarters. Roll each of the quarters into logs about ¾ inch (approximately 2 cm) in diameter, then cut logs into ¾ inch pieces. Place onto the dusted flour surface to prevent sticking.

Step 5

Once dough has been quartered into logs, or gnocchi, add them to the boiling salted water and blanch in batches until they float. Once floating, remove gnocchi and place onto an oiled tray to prevent sticking.

Step 6

Add a dollop of butter to a hot pan and sear the gnocchi, ensuring each side is golden brown and crispy. Once browned, place on a cookie sheet lined with paper towel to soak up excess butter, then it’s ready to serve.

Step 7

Add oil and salt to walleye and place filet in oven under grill. Bake on tray at 350°F (180°C) for 5 minutes.

Step 8

Add spinach to a pot of boiling water and blanche. Remove spinach from pot and cool in an ice bath. Squeeze out excess water and set spinach aside.

Step 9

Slice shallots thinly and caramelize in hot pan with oil and salt. Add garlic purée, cream and let liquid reduce by half.

Step 10

Add Parmesan and reserved spinach to the cream mix. Combine and stir constantly then remove from heat.

Step 11

Add mixture to blender with 500 mL of water. Blend to a liquid consistency. Salt to taste. Pass purée through a fine strainer, cool quickly and reserve for later.

Step 12

Plate the seared gnocchi on the bottom, coated with the spinach purée. Place the golden Walleye fish filet on top of the gnocchi bed and finish with roasted grated hazelnuts. Enjoy!

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