10 servings

Recipe courtesy of Jeff Yeung, Bento Nouveau’s Chef at Pusateri’s Fine Foods. Please note that this recipe calls for 1/4 cup of salt but this is to taste; at least 1 tablespoon of salt should be used. Yield: About 10 rolls.



Sushi Rice

4 ½
cup water
cup Japanese rice, (Nishiki)
cup sugar
cup salt, to taste
cup to 2 cups Japanese rice wine vinegar

Preparing Sushi

sushi nori sheets
wasabi, to taste, plus more for serving
soy, sauce, to taste, plus more for serving
pickled ginger for garnish

Optional Ingredients

cucumber, peeled, cut into small pieces
avocado, cut into small pieces
imitation crab meat
carrot, peeled, julienne cut
shiitake mushroom, cut into small pieces
smoked salmon
fresh tuna, sushi-grade, cut into small pieces
green onion, julienne cut
tuna salad
cooked shrimp, cut into small pieces
chili sauce
sesame seeds


Step 1

Stir the water, rice, sugar and salt together in a rice cooker cooker (or cook in a pot) until salt and sugar are dissolved.

Step 2

Bring to a boil.

Step 3

Reduce heat and simmer rice for about 20 minutes or until done.

Step 4

Transfer the rice to a large bowl, preferably with a flat bottom.

Step 5

Fluff the rice with a wet wooden spoon to loosen grains without crushing them.

Step 6

Pour 1 cup of the vinegar over the rice.

Step 7

Stir and fluff rice, incorporating the vinegar as evenly as possible.

Step 8

Ask someone to stand by the rice bowl and fan the rice with a magazine while you are mixing, or use an electric fan.

Step 9

Add more vinegar as necessary to coat the rice.

Step 10

Cool to room temperature.

Step 11

Lay a piece of nori on a sushi mat. Press a thin layer of rice evenly on top of the nori.

Step 12

Spread a dab of wasabi over the rice.

Step 13

Sprinkle with some soy sauce.

Step 14

Lay a few pieces of 1 or several of the optional ingredients in a horizontal straight thin line across the rice, about 1 inch from the horizontal edge closest to you.

Step 15

Using the mat to make a tight roll, roll the edge closest to you over the optional filling as tightly as possible.

Step 16

Continue rolling away from you until a roll has formed.

Step 17

Remove the sushi roll from the sushi mat and slice it cross-wise into 1 1/2-inch pieces.

Step 18

Serve it with soy sauce, wasabi, and pickled ginger.

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