The New Strathcona

  • serves 1

Courtesy of The Parker Restaurant.

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Directions for: The New Strathcona


2 ounce Four Roses bourbon

1 ounce kalamata olive syrup*

orange zest

lemon zest

ice cubes


1. 2 oz Four Roses Bourbon stirred over ice with 1 oz Kalamata Olive Syrup. Zest of both lemon and orange rubbed around the rim with rind added as garnish. Serve with two or three candied olives on the side.

2. Kalamata olive syrup: Find a jar of organic kalamata olives stored in water, not oil or very little if possible. Add contents to pot along with one cup water and one cup organic coconut sugar. Bring to boil and reduce until thick. Refrigerate.

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