This Refreshing Brazilian Lemonade Margarita is THE Drink of Summer

Abhishek Dekate's Brazilian lemonade on a countertop
Prep Time
10 min
1 cocktail

Looking for summer in a cup? Look no further. This Brazilian lemonade margarita is a combination of two popular summer drinks that is super refreshing and a perfect way to cool off on those hot summer afternoons. Made with fresh limes, this That’s the Spirit drink is not only tangy and sweet but deliciously creamy too. Lose the tequila and this can easily be enjoyed as a non-alcoholic bevvy as well. Cheers!

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Brazilian Lemonade

cup condensed milk
cup granulated sugar
cups cold water


oz Brazilian lemonade mix
oz tequila
Garnish: salt rim and add lime slice or wedge


ingredients to make Abhishek Dekate's Brazilian lemonade margarita
Step 1

For the Brazilian lemonade: Mix cold water and sugar and chill until ready to use. This step can be done ahead of time.

Step 2

Wash limes thoroughly with soap and cut each lime into eighths.

Step 3

Add cold water and sugar mixture into the blender along with limes and condensed milk.

Step 4

Pulse blender a few times (10 seconds max. each cycle) until ingredients are fully integrated. Do not over-blend as this will cause the limes to break down leaving a bitter aftertaste.

Step 5

Strain liquid through a fine-mesh strainer using a spoon.

straining of Brazilian lemonade
Step 6

Serve over ice and enjoy!

Step 7

For the cocktail, rim rocks glass with salt and set aside.

Step 8

Place ice cubes in your rimmed glass.

Step 9

Add tequila and Brazilian lemonade mix.

adding Brazilian lemonade to the rocks glass
Step 10

Stir and garnish with a lime slice or wedge. Enjoy!

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