Whiskey, Green Tea + Honey = The Only Cocktail Recipe You’ll Ever Need

Whiskey and green tea cocktail
Prep Time
10 min
1 cocktail

My father used to drink blended whiskey with a pre-made green tea as an aperitif to dinner. I will always remember him giving me a little sip despite my mother running towards us in the background. It is a very nostalgic, typical Chinese businessman drink. This That’s the Spirit version has beautiful blended Scotch, whisked matcha tea, honey and soda. It is a refreshing cocktail suited for any occasion.

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large slices of ginger
cup + 4 Tbsp water, divided
cup honey
1 ½
oz blended Scotch
oz matcha tea
oz lemon juice (approximately ¼ lemon)
Ice for shaking
Candied ginger and lemon wheel for garnish



Rest time: 30 minutes. Recipe can remain in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.

Whiskey and green tea cocktail ingredients
Step 1

In a blender, combine ginger slices, ¼ cup water and honey. Pulse two or three times and then blend on low for about 30 seconds until ginger is broken down. Let mixture sit for about a half hour.

Step 2

Strain out solids through a colander or strainer into a non-reactive container.

Step 3

In a bowl, add matcha tea and 4 Tbsp water. Whisk until bubbly and all powder is dissolved.

Step 4

In a shaker tin, add blended Scotch whiskey, ginger-honey mixture, matcha tea and lemon. Add enough ice to cover the liquid, plus a little bit more. Cover the other side of the shaker tin and shake vigorously for about 15 seconds until well chilled.

Green tea mixture being poured into shaker
Step 5

Strain the contents of shaker tin into a tall Collins glass. Fill glass with ice and top with soda. Garnish with lemon wheel and candied ginger slice. Enjoy immediately!

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