Big Food Bucket List

Big Food Bucket List

Fried Catfish

  • prep time15 min
  • total time 26 min
  • serves 2

Kerry Seaton has mastered the art of Cajun cooking and is sharing it with you, starting with this impeccably seasoned catfish, coated with hot Cajun spices, covered in crispy cornmeal, and fried to golden perfection. Now that’s southern comfort food!

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Directions for: Fried Catfish


2 pcs catfish, battered

Creole seasoning, to taste

2 cups yellow cornmeal dry mix

2 cups dry fish fry seasoned blend, your preference

Lemon, wedges

Curly parsley, to taste


1. The raw catfish is dried off using a paper towel.

2. Season fish with creole seasoning to your preference or taste.

3. Cover catfish in a dry cornmeal dredge. No wet needed here.

4. Place the catfish in a fryer for 11 minutes at 350ºF or until it is golden brown or fill a pan with 1 inch of canola oil and fry fish.

5. Remove fish when crispy and plate with lemon wedge on top and curly parsley.

Source and Credits

Courtesy of Kerry Seaton Stewart, Willie Mae’s Scotch House

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