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Canadian Living Cooks

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If you thought that favourite tools were left in the garage, think again. Every cook has one item they couldn’t live without! Choose your must-have tool and see if it matches that of the ladies. Daphna whips it all up with a decadent chocolate cake. Next Emily creates a to die for omelette with feta and then Elizabeth does a roast revival that is sure to awaken your soul. Whether it be a whisk, an omelette pan or a roasting pan there’s a tool for everyone.

Tools for Chocolate Lover's Gift

Non-electric balancing scale
8-inch (2 L) spring form pan
Chunk of bittersweet chocolate
Chunk of milk chocolate
Chunk of white chocolate
Canister of cocoa powder
Set of stainless-steel measuring spoons
Set of dry measures
Medium size stainless steel bowl for melting chocolate
Chocolate chopping fork
Small cutting board just for chocolate
Small squirt bottle to drizzle favourite puree
Palette knife

Tools for First Apartment Gift

8-inch non-stick skillet
Glass mixing bowl
Medium size heatproof spatula
Jar of oregano
Jar of black olives
Place setting for one
Cheese grater
Juice glass
Recipe card

Roasting 101

Medium size roasting pan
Rack to fit inside pan
Meat thermometer
Roasting cutting board with canals and metal pricks
Carving set
Long flat whisk for gravy
Gravy boat
Strainer for gravy
Oven mitts

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