Chef In Your Ear

Chef In Your Ear

Chef In Your Ear - Episode Guide

Season 1

  • A Crust Above
    A Crust Above

    Episode 7 - Season 1 -

    The proof is in the pastry as Chef Devin and Chef Rob face off to make a classic brunch. Devin helps Denise, an accountant executive overcome her fear of ovens. Rob counsels Doug, a business editor, who’s all thumbs in the kitchen and can’t even crack an egg.

  • Call of the Calamari
    Call of the Calamari

    Episode 20 - Season 1 -

    Chef Rob is amazed by his cook, Adam, who can’t cook but wants to open a restaurant. Chef Jordan and Francine, a mom who thinks the cooking gene just skipped her, are spicing things up in the kitchen.  The chefs have to hope their cooks won’t get too squeamish handling this tentacle filled Greek delicacy if they are going to make a winning dish.

  • Feta Accomplit
    Feta Accomplit

    Episode 21 - Season 1 -

    Chef Jordan and Jace, a sales associate who’s easily distracted, compete against Chef Rob and Kim, a mother who can only cook potatoes.  The chefs must find a way to coax some finesse out of their cooks in order to pull off a delicate Greek classic.

  • Frenching Lessons
    Frenching Lessons

    Episode 18 - Season 1 -

    Chef Rob is awestruck by Beatrice, a track star who can’t seem to get out of first gear in the kitchen.  Chef Cory is getting guff from Sophie, a real estate agent who burns everything she cooks. Both chefs will have to guide their cooks through a tricky butchery in order to make a winning dish.

  • Hands Off My Mixer
    Hands Off My Mixer

    Episode 10 - Season 1 -

    Chefs Devin and Rob duke it out over this classic Italian dish.  Rob’s cook Candace, a journalist who was kicked out of her family’s cooking club, proves she’s got determination if not know-how.  Devin’s cook, Phil, who owns a catering business but can’t cook, runs amok in the kitchen.

  • In the Soup
    In the Soup

    Episode 17 - Season 1 -

    Chef Jordan and Tee Tee whose friends say her cooking is “scary, scary, scary,” face off against Chef Devin and Scott, whose girlfriend eats his food only out of pity.  Both have only one hour to ladle up a bowl of this classic comfort soup.

  • It's Never Too Late To Learn
    It's Never Too Late To Learn

    Episode 4 - Season 1 -

    It’s a battle of the ages as Chef Rob faces off against Chef Craig to produce this southern classic. Rob coaches Ruth Ellen, a retired media professional who made it to her seventies without ever learning to cook. Craig must find a way to inspire Jamie, a DJ who still needs his mother to cook all his meals.

  • Just Brunch
    Just Brunch

    Episode 16 - Season 1 -

    Chef Cory can’t believe his cook Cameron doesn’t know the difference between sugar and salt, while Chef Jordan’s cook Mark is afraid he will poison his friends if he cooks for them.  Both chefs must teach these clueless cooks how to poach the perfect egg in just one hour.

  • One If By Land, Two If By Sea
    One If By Land, Two If By Sea

    Episode 9 - Season 1 -

    Chefs Rob and Craig compete to see who can create the best version of this seaside classic. Rob must help Alyse, a semi-retired new grandmother who relies on boxes, cans and premade meals, find her passion for real food.  Craig is faced with Corey, a carnivore’s carnivore who loves to eat but just can’t pull off a meal his family will eat.

  • Roll It Up
    Roll It Up

    Episode 13 - Season 1 -

    Chefs Jordan and Cory have their hands full as they each try to pull off a victory with a tricky hand rolled Italian dish.  Jordan is paired with Jim, a retired military police officer who thinks only animals should eat vegetables and that recipes are “suggestions.”  Chef Cory must guide Cindy, a supply teacher whose utensils are dusty and cooks her food until it’s black.

  • Something to Stew Over
    Something to Stew Over

    Episode 3 - Season 1 -

    It’s a tail of a time for Chef Cory and Cherie, a lab technician who only microwaves food and is afraid of fish. Chef Devin has an uphill battle with Irene, who wants to open a bed and breakfast but is totally resistant to cooking.

  • Something's Fishy
    Something's Fishy

    Episode 11 - Season 1 -

    A fishy pub classic pushes Chef Devin to her limits with Robert, an artist who starts fires every time he cooks and calls himself the “drive thru king.”  Chef Jordan must keep his cool with Ashley, a physiotherapist who’s terrified of knives and whose impatience with recipes leaves her husband doing all the cooking.

  • South Of The Border
    South Of The Border

    Episode 12 - Season 1 -

    It’s a trip south of the border as Chefs Craig and Cory vie for the best classic trio. Craig struggles with Adriana, a program director, who cooks one meal a year and is more comfortable giving directions than taking them. Cory is paired with Phelisha, a student who thinks frenching lamb means sticking it in a croissant!

  • Spice It Up
    Spice It Up

    Episode 5 - Season 1 -

    Chef Craig and Chef Devin try to spice things up for two parents who can’t cook their kids a basic meal. Devin has her hands full with Dave, a sales rep who once turned pork tenderloin into jerky. Craig teams up with Amber whose teenage daughter does all the cooking and won’t even let her mom touch the mixer.

  • Swimming Upstream
    Swimming Upstream

    Episode 6 - Season 1 -

    Both Chef Cory and Chef Craig have an upstream battle with these two clueless cooks. Cory must contend with Dave, an insurance adjuster whose only speed in the kitchen is slow. Craig must help Lisa, a bartender, find some respect in the kitchen after her last cooking attempt went uneaten at a party.

  • That's Amore
    That's Amore

    Episode 14 - Season 1 -

    Chef Rob has an uphill battle with Tanya, who wants desperately to learn to cook but is fighting him every step of the way.  Chef Craig has his own troubles with Don, who wants to be able to cook for his wife, but can’t follow the simplest of instructions.  The chefs must help these cooks share in their passion if they are going to pull off a winning version of this favourite Italian dish.

  • The Big Bang
    The Big Bang

    Episode 1 - Season 1 -

    It’s time for Chef Cory to face the music with Rosemary, a classical violinist who screams her way through stress.  Chef Rob must dig deep to get Nick, a toymaker and child at heart, not to think of the kitchen as his new playground.

  • The Colour Purple
    The Colour Purple

    Episode 15 - Season 1 -

    Chef Devin is amazed by Gina who only has a kitchen “because it came with the house.”  Chef Rob struggles with Matt, whose last date was never heard from again after he cooked for her.  Both chefs have their work cut out for them if they want to turn out a winning version of this Italian classic.

  • Turkey Travails
    Turkey Travails

    Episode 19 - Season 1 -

    Chef Craig is having fun with Chanel, who serves her food with a warning alert, but she’s moving at a breakneck pace.  Chef Cory has the opposite problem in Britney, who is afraid of everything in the kitchen and is hesitating at every turn.  The chefs are going to have to find a happy medium for their cooks if they are going to pull off a winning dish in time.

  • When Pigs Fly
    When Pigs Fly

    Episode 2 - Season 1 -

    Hearts pound and mallets fly as Chefs Devin and Craig try to create their takes on a traditional European pork dish.  Chef Devin must manage an IT consultant who once left chicken fingers in his oven for two weeks, while Chef Craig trains a world class athlete whose friends and family can’t eat her cooking.

  • Where's The Beef?
    Where's The Beef?

    Episode 8 - Season 1 -

    It’s beef or bust in this episode, as Chefs Jordan and Craig must manage two wacky personalities. Jordan must find a way to help Kalan, a restaurant server who thinks red meat is gross, overcome his fears. Craig gets a lot of push back from Kelly, a beauty expert who can’t even make popcorn but thinks she has all the answers.

  • Za'atar!

    Episode 22 - Season 1 -

    Chef Jordan and Phil, an auto parts inspector who boils his avocados, face off against Chef Cory and Candace, a retired RN who burns all her pots.  The chefs take these two cooks on a trip down the spice route as they see who can make the best version of this middle-eastern standard.