When life hands you a mystery basket of ingredients and it’s the dessert round, be prepared to make ice cream.


We’re 10 episodes into the first season of Chopped Canada and it’s safe to say that ice cream – in its many incarnations – is a trend with the competing chefs.
Here’s a history of delicious, odd, and oddly delicious ice creams on Chopped Canada so far.

In episode three, champ Ryan Reed, made a traditional peach sorbet to go with his molten chocolate clove cake.
Roger Mooking said his sorbet was the best he’s tasted in a long time.

Chef Alvin Viguilla, episode four winner, made a Benedictin blue cheese-flavoured ice cream and paired it with sweet and salty chocolate-covered saltine crackers and mint toasted coconut.
Roger Mooking really liked the ice cream and said that the strong flavour of the blue cheese was mellowed out in this dish.
Chef Alvin’s competitor in episode four, Steve Glavicich, attempted to make ice cream, too, but his didn’t chill in time. He didn’t give up though and plated what he had.

He served the judges his unfrozen ice cream as a Benedictin blue cheese gazpacho with raspberry millet cream and coconut saltine caramel.

In episode nine, Trevor Ritchie created a  raspberry sorbet flavoured with tarragon and served that with marzipan, meringue and chocolate.
Anne Yarymowich said that the sorbet was quite delicious and pairing the tarragon with the raspberry was very clever.


Both chefs left standing in episode ten’s dessert round attempted a frozen delight to win over the judges.
Mark McCrowe, who took the Chopped Canada title that night, made a butter tart soft serve ice cream with caramelized uni, rosemary sugar lace, and taro fruit salad.

Mark’s competitor, Kai Zyganiuk, made a cinnamon and butter tart semifreddo (semifreddo means ‘half-frozen’ in Italian).
While not a traditional ice cream, semifreddo is similar to ice cream except that it’s made with whipped cream being folded with the rest of the ingredients instead of churning air into the mixture as it freezes. It’s just as delicious, trust us.
Chuck Hughes
called Kai’s semifreddo perfect in texture and flavour.



The Chopped Canada kitchen has a professional ice cream maker and blast chiller but you don’t need heavy duty gear to make your own.

Here are some ice cream recipes with traditional and not so traditional flavours you can make at home:
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