In its third season, Chopped Canada has really upped the ante with its mystery basket ingredients. More often than not, professional chefs are puzzled as to what to cook with items like sea snails or ostrich eggs. But there lies the beauty of this thrilling show. The more obscure the ingredient, the more entertaining the competition!

Below, judges share which ingredients they hope to see in upcoming mystery baskets as 7 new episodes begin Saturday, September 3rd at 9 pm E/P. 

Alaskan King Crab

Antonio Park is no stranger to cooking shellfish. “I’d love to see live Alaskan king crab in the basket,” Antonio Park says with a laugh. “Not that many people know how to cook it right.”

In true Scottish fashion, John Higgins reveals his ideal ingredient would be haggis. He admits it’ll be most entertaining to see it appear in the dessert round. “I’ve actually made haggis ice cream before. It’s different, but it works!”


Nothing would please Mark McEwan more than seeing foie gras in a mystery basket. “Foie gras upsets some people because they don’t often know what to do with it. But you can make an amazing appetizer or a stuffing from it.”

If given squash, most home cooks would make a mash or soup. But Massimo Capra would love to see how creative professional chefs can be with raw squash. “In under 20 minutes, who knows what you can do with it!”

Anne Yarymowich says she wants to see ice cream cones in an upcoming basket. We think Anne is onto something. These dessert cones would prove challenging in the appetizer round.

Brand new episodes of Chopped Canada kick off Saturday, September 3rd at 9 pm E/P.