Chopped Canada

Chopped Canada

Episode Description

Taken Out By Take Out

It's time to open the takeout containers in this themed episode.  Greek Salad and Beef Pho make for strange bedfellows in the appetizer round.  The second round challenges the chefs to see who can transform a drive-thru staple into haute cuisine.  The dessert round pits the remaining chefs against each other in an Asian adventure with a cherry twist.

Judges: Susur Lee, John Higgins, Massimo Capra

Competing Chefs:
Stephanie O’Brien (Age 47) from Mount Pearl, NL 
Devon Thurston (Age 34) from Hamilton, ON 
Alison Iannarelli (Age 30) from Markham, ON 
Alana Peckham (Age 32) from Burnaby, BC 

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