Jamie's Super Food

Jamie's Super Food

Episode Description

Skinny Carbonara and Smoky Black Bean Stew

In this programme, Jamie’s on the Greek island of Ikaria, where people live a decade longer on average and 60% of 90-year-olds are still physically active. He helps 84-year-old Giorgiosas he works his land and enjoys the fruits of his host’slabours for lunch overlooking the sea. And he heads to a Costa Rican cattle ranch to eat black beans – a super food ingredient packed with protein and fibre – that keeps the cowboys riding day and night.

Bringing what he’s learnt back to the UK, Jamie creates a days’ worth of super-nutritious and delicious meals, including: Sweet Potato, Chilli, Cheese & Seed Muffins for breakfast and a healthy twist on two heartydishes for lunch and dinner–Skinny Carbonara with Smoky Bacon, Peas, Almonds & Basil and Smoky Black Bean stew with Squash, Peppers, Rice and Chili Salsa.

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