Jamie's Super Food

Jamie's Super Food

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Squash Daal with Fried Egg, and Griddled Steak

In the first programme, Jamie visits the Nicoyan Peninsula in Costa Rica, where living to 100 isn’t unusual, and he meets, cooks and eats with five generations of the same family, including 106-year old Jose.

And on the Greek island of Ikaria, where people on averagelive ten years longer than elsewhere in Europe and North America, he meets 84-year-old goat farmer Nikos to find out the secrets of the locals’ long lives.

Bringing all that knowledge back to the UK, Jamie creates a days’ worth of super-nutritious and delicious meals, including: a breakfast of Berry Pocket Eggy Bread with Pistachios, Yogurt, Honey and Cinnamon; a delicious and balanced lunch of Squash Daal with Fried Egg; and a dinner treat of Juicy Griddled Steak with Toasted Nuts, Grilled Peppers and a delicious Feta, Pomegranate and Tabbouleh Salad.

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