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Save with Jamie

Save with Jamie - Episode Guide

Season 2

  • Pukka Curry

    Season 2 - July 18, 2015

    This week Jamie makes his authentic Pukka Curry – a proper thrifty feast all thanks to a cost saving cut of meat.  Chicken drumsticks are much more succulent than breast and less than half the cost - proof that sometimes cheaper can be better.   And at this price, Jamie’s curry isn’t just tasty, it’s way friendlier on the wallet than any takeaway. Next up Jamie introduces us to his super-fast, super-sized way to cook eggs – Mexican style. It’s an omelette – but not as you know it.  Filled with oozy cheese and a guacamole-style slaw that can be made with any crunchy veg or salad you’ve got in the fridge, this delicious dinner is on the table in minutes. If you’ve got a load of potatoes that need using up, Jamie’s got two irresistible meal ideas: a giant veg rosti with perfect poached eggs – ideal for a weekend brunch or lunch.  And then there’s Jamie’s crispy Cajun fishcakes that make the most of frozen salmon and prawns – both of which are way cheaper than fresh, but just as tasty.  And last but not least there’s Jamie’s Snake in the Hole – a fun spin on a family favourite that includes the ultimate recipe for the best Yorkshire pud.
  • JFC

    Season 2 - July 11, 2015

    This week there’s a fresh spin on a fast food favourite: Jamie’s Fried Chicken (or JFC). It’s a hearty chicken-in-a-bucket feast, made from a whole chicken, with a dazzling rainbow slaw, sweet sticky potato wedges and charred corn on the cob that will easily feed four for less than a tenner. There’s no compromise on flavour, plus Jamie has a secret tip to getting that more-ish crispy chicken skin, without having to deep-fry. Next up, Jamie makes use of some everyday store cupboard ingredients to create a gorgeous spiced sausage bake, complete with his own mouth-watering twist on garlic bread.  For less than two quid a head, this family crowd pleaser is proof that investing in your pantry can pay dividends when it comes to rustling up tasty and thrifty suppers at a moment’s notice.  For something a bit different and surprisingly impressive, try Jamie’s meat-free roast using an underloved veggie. Giving a whole celeriac all the love and care he would a leg of lamb, Jamie creates an amazingly tasty feast that’s made even heartier with a rich, creamy mushroom sauce and cheap-as-chips pearl barley.   

    And if you need a reason to treat yourself to a beautiful side of salmon at the weekend, Jamie’s got two street-food inspired ideas that will make beautiful mid-week suppers out of the leftovers. First up there’s a vibrant Vietnamese-style salad – a delicious recipe that shaves cost by using frozen green beans over fresh, and transforms the most humble of ingredients into a beautiful dish.  And then there are Jamie’s Mexican tacos with super easy home-made soft tortillas. Two very different recipes, but both turn leftover salmon into something really exciting to eat.
  • Fish Tikka

    Season 2 - July 4, 2015

    This week Jamie proves that frozen fish can be just as good as fresh with his stunning fish tikka curry. Sustainably sourced frozen fish is around a third cheaper than fresh – plus it’s convenient and tasty too. So if you’ve never made a fish curry before, get your freezer stocked up so you’ll always be able to dine like a king. There’s a clever spin on the much-loved cheese and beans combo with Jamie’s spicy, smoky BBQ baked beans with sweet potatoes. They’re surprisingly thrifty too – with most of the ingredients coming from the store cupboard. And this recipe includes a brilliant tip for turning old or stale bread into gorgeous giant cheesy croutons – perfect to mop up the beans and their rich tomato sauce. Jamie’s quick chicken wrap is fast, fun and frugal - making it a brilliant recipe for those nights you get home and want something tasty to eat in minutes. A few crunchy bits of veg from the fridge and some sizzling hoi sin chicken, all wrapped up in a cheap and cheerful tortilla – delicious! And there are two magical mid-week recipes to transform roast beef leftovers: a sweet and spicy Moroccan-inspired tagine with a refreshing orange and mint salsa salad, plus a hot and spicy beef noodle soup, including Jamie’s secret cheat to a gorgeous oriental broth.
  • Beef Chilli

    Season 2 - June 27, 2015

    This week Jamie cooks a Mexican chilli that’s luxurious and low on price, reveals the secrets of his homemade chapatis, shares two delicious new ideas for using up leftover roast chicken and cooks a fast and frugal twist on a favourite pasta dish. For his version of a hearty Mexican chilli con carne, Jamie turns to the much-underrated shin of beef, which may need five hours to cook, but repays you with deliciously succulent meat and incredible flavour. Having a couple of meat-free meals each week is an easy way to slash costs in the kitchen and Jamie’s aubergine dahl, served with Indian rice and homemade chapatis means you won’t miss your meat. Jamie also shows how to make leftovers from your Sunday roast chicken into two tasty weeknight suppers - a delicious chicken chowder, which uses every bit of the chicken, including the bones and an elegant ‘Frenchie’ salad with crisp lentils, fresh green beans and a classic homemade dressing. As if that wasn’t enough, Jamie’s take on a classic carbonara made with smoked mackerel is thrifty, but fabulous - and just over a quid a portion! 
  • Paella

    Season 2 - June 20, 2015

    This week Jamie rustles up a menu of dazzling dishes with incredible flavours that won’t cost the Earth. First off is a bit of thrifty sunshine on the plate with a frugal, but amazing paella.  Featuring succulent chicken thighs, spicy chorizo and prawns from the freezer, Jamie proves how a bit of smart shopping and clever cooking can deliver big flavour at a fraction of the cost.  Next Jamie’s got two brilliant street food-inspired ideas for leftover roast pork. Deliciously crispy Mexican tacos and French Vietnamese Banh Mi both make perfect mid-week suppers out of Sunday’s leftovers - and the Banh Mi comes complete with its own quick and easy recipe for homemade chicken liver pate. Then there’s a momma of a dish - with Jamie’s Sicilian-inspired meatballs and tomato ‘norma’ sauce.  This fabulous family feast looks and tastes way more impressive than its price tag, thanks to using ingredients mainly from the store cupboard including some cheap, but chic polenta. To top it all off comes Jamie’s fast and frugal posh beans on toast.  Made using broad beans and peas from the freezer, piled onto toasted garlic ciabatta with shavings of salty feta – it’s got all the taste of the Mediterranean and is on the table in minutes. 
  • Piri Piri Pork

    Season 2 - June 13, 2015

    Things kick off with Jamie’s Piri Piri pork belly with crispy crackling to fight over. It’s a brilliant example of how a thrifty cut of meat and some clever cooking can deliver a real family feast at a fraction of the cost of pork chops, fillet or loin. Also on the menu is Jamie’s fast and frugal hungover noodles topped with Asian-style crispy, runny fried egg – it’s proper feel good food that you can get on the table in less than twenty minutes. Next up are two very different ideas for making the most of leftover lamb from your Sunday roast – a scrumptious lamb biryani and a healthy, punchy, crunchy noodle salad. Last but not least, there’s a mid-week showstopper in the form of Jamie’s grilled garlic mussels with sweet tomato soup. It feels indulgent but is surprisingly cheap to make!

Season 1

  • Ham

    Season 1 - August 29, 2015

    Jamie cooks up glorious pot roasted ham hocks with parsley sauce, and uses his oven at the same time to roast a butternut squash which he turns into a stunning squash and spinach rotolo.

    Jamie also makes steak and chips for just over £2.00 a head, and teaches a Chinese takeaway addict how to make beautiful sweet and sour fish balls for a fraction of the price she usually pays.

  • Lamb

    Season 1 - August 22, 2015

    Jamie roasts a shoulder of lamb and turns the leftovers into Moroccan-style pastillas. He also uses up old veg and makes a panzanella salad out of bread past its best.

  • Chicken

    Season 1 - August 15, 2015

    Jamie cooks a 'mothership' roast chicken with all the trimmings and turns the leftovers into chicken stew with dumplings. He knocks up a super-clever cauliflower and broccoli cheese using frozen veg, and shows how to make lamb koftas on the cheap. And he surprises a food waster in her home to help her use the fruit she normally chucks away.

  • Salmon

    Season 1 - August 8, 2015

    Jamie cooks up a roast side of salmon with all the trimmings, and then turns his leftover fish into an incredible salmon filo pie. He knocks up some chicken wings gangnam-style. Jamie shows a takeaway lover how to make a beautiful lamb burger for a fraction of the price of his usual Friday night fast food treat. And he surprises a food waster in her home and shows her how to make delicious things from the bread she normally chucks away.

  • Pork

    Season 1 - August 1, 2015

    Jamie roasts half a shoulder of pork, with all the trimmings, and turns the leftovers into dim sum buns and meatloaf with spaghetti, with a great tomato and chilli sauce. He shows a takeaway lover how to make an veggie korma with cauliflower pilau for a fraction of the price of his usual Friday night takeout. And Jamie surprises a food waster in her home and shows her what to do with all the meat in her freezer that she normally ends up chucking away.

  • Beef

    Season 1 - July 25, 2015

    Jamie cooks up a glorious 'mothership' roast brisket of beef with all the trimmings, before turning the leftovers into an incredible Korean stir-fried rice. He knocks up a beautiful sweet pea fish pie, jam-packed with flavour, but made with frozen fish. And he shows a takeaway lover how to make an American hot Chicago pizza pie for a fraction of the price of his usual Friday night fast food treat.