If you’re looking for a snacking superstar, look no farther than Super Snack Bros. host Damian Abraham. Damian has a serious passion for all snacks, from savoury to sweet. Damian takes snacking so seriously, he doesn’t just limit his favourites to typical foods you would find in a vending machine. For as he says, “what is a snack but a smaller (and ultimately less satisfying) meal.” Check out his top 10 hunger-crushing mini-meals to satisfy even the most strange cravings.


Two of Damian’s favourite types of candy. L-R: Pig candy via patiodaddiobbq.com and Punky’s candy via walkmemorylane.wordpress.com

10. Sconto Bruschetta

Literally meaning “discount bruschetta”, Damian says if he’s making this snack at home in a pinch, it’s not going to be gourmet! He toasts white bread, spoons on some marinara sauce and tops with sliced olives, Parmesan cheese and green jalapeño hot sauce and presto! Poor man’s Italian appetizer.

9. Whipped Chicken Fat with Newfoundland Salt on Sour Dough

This sounds weirdly intriguing, no? The SSB host admits he’s never tried this dish but has been obsessing over it since he saw it on Toronto chef Jesse Grasso’s Instagram.

8. Pickled Ginger in Wasabi Soy Sauce:

Damian calls this snack “sushi-less sushi” because it’s all the flavours with none of the actual sushi.  He mixes prepared wasabi into soy sauce and dips pickled ginger into it. Damian, however, admits that this snack is in no way as good as sushi.

7. Nutella and Peanut Butter on a Spoon

Who doesn’t love this delicious on-the-go snack? Peanut butter and chocolate were definitely meant to be eaten together. Although Damian doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth, even he can’t resist the magical combination of these two sweet condiments– so much so that it’s actually a banned snack in the rock star snacker’s house. Don’t worry Damian, we have no self-control when it comes to this treat either.


Condiments as snack foods? Yes, please! L-R: Nutella and peanut butter on a spoon via cpbgallery.com and pickled ginger, prepared wasabi and soy sauce via foodpleasureandhealth.com

6. Korean Spicy Tofu

Pieces of pan-fried tofu are topped with minced garlic, sugar, soy sauce, green onion, Korean hot pepper flakes, sesame oil and seeds and green onion and served as an appetizer at Korean grill restaurants. These “soft and salty flavourful pillows of deliciousness” are Damian’s favourite thing to grab from Koream grocery stores or make as an easy snack at home.

5. Sour Hard Candies

Damian’s favourite is the appropriately named yet no-longer available Willy Wonka candy of the 90s, Punky’s. He says that the crunchy, powdery artificial fruit flavour still  dances in his dreams at night.

4. Smoked Meat

Damian can’t leave Montreal without bringing home one of the city’s signature sandwiches. Steamed brisket with English mustard is one of his favourite snacks.  To some, this may seem more like a meal but take away the bread, coleslaw and the dill pickle, and Damian insists that this delicious meat falls under the “snack” category.


L-R: We’re drooling over this Korean spicy tofu via keeprecipes.com and Montreal smoked meat via seriouseats,com. Need a snacking buddy, Damian?

3. Beef and Tomato Pot Noodles

When on tour with his band, Damian’s snacking is at the mercy of whatever is open late at night after their performance. In the UK, this often means fast foods like fish and chips, kebabs, and pizza. When he becomes sick of these ubiquitous late-night eats, Damian grabs a cup of Beef and Tomato Pot Noodles. These instant noodles are sold everywhere in the UK and come with a ketchup-like sauce that, according to Damian, calls his name like a siren’s song across the Atlantic ocean. He usually brings back as many of the tasty pot noodles as he can shove in his suitcase.

2. Pig Candy

Bacon covered in brown sugar and cayenne pepper results in what may be the most delicious meat candy the world has ever tasted. Damian still remembers the first time he tried this sweet and savoury super snack at the Atwater Farmer Market. Mmmmmm….

1.  Slurpees

You may not think this sugary drink counts as a snack, but when you’re drinking 2L of it at a time like Damian, it definitely is (move over juice cleanse, slurpee cleanses may just bethe next diet fad). Damian has walked miles through blizzards for this nectar of the gods that he says was his most consumed liquid during his high school days (yup, much more than water!). His record slurpee consumption? 3L of the sweet icy drink in one night!

Bottoms up! Damian slurps away at his favourite drink. Photos via instagram.com/leftfordamian