Deep fry like a pro with these tips from the Super Snack Bros. Whether you’re deep frying candy bars or dill pickles, these essential tips will help you get the best (and safest) results for all your deep fried food needs.

1. Use an oil with a high smoke point that won’t burn in the fryer. Avoid olive oil and opt for canola, safflower, vegetable, peanut or grapeseed oil instead.

2. The temperature is key to deep drying. Heat your oil to 350-375º F for best results.

3. If you want an extra crispy coating and an ooey-gooey middle, double fry your foods by coating them in batter and dropping them in the hot oil for a minute or so. Remove from the fryer and cool it back to room temperature before dropping it back in for a double fry. Deep fried candy bars and cheese sticks are perfect candidates for the double deep fry.

For more tips watch the video below.