Valerie's Home Cooking

Valerie's Home Cooking

Valerie's Home Cooking - Episode Guide

Season 10

  • Kids Baking Championship Homecoming Day

    Season 10 - March 29, 2020

    Valerie Bertinelli is catching up with two of her all-time favourites from Kids Baking Championship, Nyah and Matthew. They already know how to bake, so Valerie is treating them to a kid-friendly savory meal that should be a cinch for them to conquer.

  • A Heart-y Valentine's Day

    Season 10 - March 22, 2020

    To celebrate Valentine's Day, Valerie Bertinelli has put together a heart-y meal with a hidden motive: providing her dearest friends with heart-healthy sweets and treats. Red wine and 70-percent dark chocolate are considered heart-healthy foods, and Valerie, her husband Tom, Jet and Ali Tila and Duff and Johnna Goldman are ready to eat their hearts healthy!

  • Winging It and Beyond

    Season 10 - March 15, 2020

    Valerie Bertinelli loves everything about football season, especially the halftime feast. This year's big game features new takes on old favorites, and Valerie is joined by actor Angela Kinsey, her husband, Josh Snyder and food writers Jo Stougaard and Jenn Harris. Just like a big game, there are two competing champion recipes for wings, but only one will take home the trophy for the best wings of the season.

  • Welcome Home, Newlyweds!

    Season 10 - March 8, 2020

    Valerie Bertinelli is preparing a welcome home meal to deliver to her best friend Suzanne's son and his wife, who are returning from their honeymoon.

  • Cook Once, Eat for a Week

    Season 10 - March 1, 2020

    On Sundays, Valerie Bertinelli loves to make a big pot of her Nonnie's favorite marinara sauce and repurpose it all week in modern interpretations of her Nonnie's most-memorable weeknight meals. She invites fellow Italian food lover and chef Antonia Lofaso to join her as she makes Lazy Lasagna, Spicy Penne a la Vodka, Eggs in Purgatory "Shakshuka-Style" and Meatball Sub Sandwiches.

  • Twin City Treats

    Season 10 - February 23, 2020

    Valerie Bertinelli brings a taste of home to her friend, Minnesota native Melissa Peterman, tempting her with the best Midwest bounty.

  • Turning Over a New Leaf

    Season 10 - February 16, 2020

    Valerie Bertinelli's friend, food blogger Jo Stougaard, needs help reworking some of her favourite weeknight dishes to fit her low-carb lifestyle. Valerie creates low-carb twists on familiar recipes for Jo to kick off the new year.

  • Anniversary Brunch

    Season 10 - February 9, 2020

    Valerie Bertinelli and her husband, Tom, were married on New Year's Day, and this year they're celebrating their anniversary with a variety of lucky New Year's foods for an extra jolt of good luck for the coming year.

  • I'm Dreaming of a White ... Elephant?

    Season 10 - February 2, 2020

    Valerie Bertinelli invites her pals Melissa Peterman and Nicole Sullivan over for a white elephant gift exchange because one person's disaster is another person's delight. Valerie's delicious treats make up for all the regrettable regifts, and there may even be a surprise appearance from a certain jolly gentleman.

  • Celebrating Mothers, Daughters and Daughters-in-Law

    Season 10 - January 26, 2020

    Valerie Bertinelli and her friend, Suzanne, have always shared the bond of being mothers of sons, but now they have an opportunity to join the mother-daughter club. Valerie prepares a meal for Suzanne and her daughter-in-law, Wolf's girlfriend and all their Fab Five friends and their daughters as they gather for an old-fashioned mother-daughter celebration.

  • Reinventing Fall Foods

    Season 10 - January 19, 2020

    In an effort to shake up traditional takes on fall foods, Valerie Bertinelli treats her guests, Chef Ludo Lefebvre, his wife, Krissy, and their 8-year-old twins, to a super special day-after brunch filled with seasonal treats for a long holiday weekend.

  • Thanksgiving, SoCal-Style

    Season 10 - January 12, 2020

    Valerie Bertinelli loves the ease of living and cooking in Southern California, and the Thanksgiving holiday is no exception. This year, she's treating her guests to a luscious, festive, Cali-style celebration with all the traditional flavours of turkey, sweet potatoes and stuffing done with a SoCal twist.

  • Tikis and Tinsel

    Season 10 -

    Valerie Bertinelli is inspired to do some holiday entertaining, and to celebrate the completion of her backyard tiki bar, she's hosting a retro cocktail party complete with tiki torches, Polynesian-inspired bites and plenty of tinsel. She invites old pals from the Hot in Cleveland crew to join the party.

Season 9

  • Busy Mom's Weeknight Dinner

    Season 9 - December 1, 2019

    Valerie Bertinelli is developing recipes for every busy mom's repertoire, and she has invited her friend, Aurora, a mom of three young boys, to learn how easy it can be to get a delicious, appealing meal on the table -- even on weeknights. They make Sweet Orange Chicken Drumsticks, Buttery Bowties and Green Bean Fries. Fudgy Avocado Pops are a healthy dessert in disguise, and DIY Chocolate Dip with Marshmallows and Fruit is a surefire kid-pleaser.

  • Cooks in the House!

    Season 9 - November 24, 2019

    Valerie Bertinelli is making dinner for her friend, cookbook author David Venable, and she's pulling an array of ingredients out of her pantry for a flavourful meal that's sure to impress. She serves Espresso-Crusted Rib-Eye with Rissole Potatoes and Sauteed Asparagus on the side. For dessert, she makes a Classic Lemon Tart with a Coconut Almond Crust.

  • Ante Up

    Season 9 - November 17, 2019

    Valerie Bertinelli loves a competitive game night at home, and this time she's going all out by matching her menu to the games for her husband, Tom, and their friends. On the sweet side, she makes Red and Black Checkerboard Cookies. Her savory snacks include Bacon and Artichoke Hearts Lavash Flatbread, “Bettor” Butter Lettuce Salad with Lemon Shallot Vinaigrette and Part-Cheesy Twists, and she makes a batch of Gin Rummy Cocktails to keep spirits high.

  • Happy Birthday, John!

    Season 9 - November 10, 2019

    Valerie Bertinelli's friend, actress Melissa Peterman, enlists Valerie's help in preparing a feast for her husband John's birthday. They make Sauteed Scallops in Compound Lemon Butter, Olive and Rosemary Focaccia and Misticanza Salad with homemade dressing, all served with Val's Classic Negroni cocktail. For dessert, there's a festive Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Box Cake.

  • Taco Tuesday, SoCal-Style

    Season 9 - November 3, 2019

    Valerie Bertinelli loves the idea of Taco Tuesday, with its easy prep and infinite combinations of tastes and textures. She's putting together her own taco-centric spread with plenty of toppings and side dishes for a fast and tasty weeknight meal special enough for her guests, comedian Anjelah Johnson and her husband, musician Manwell Reyes. Valerie's menu includes Chicken Tinga Tacos, Quick Cook Carnitas, Lime Cilantro Rice, Spicy Black Beans, Pickled Shallots and Red Onions. She continues the theme for dessert with Neapolitan Dessert Tacos.

  • Backyard Beach Party

    Season 9 - October 27, 2019

    Valerie Bertinelli has enjoyed many wonderful summer meals on the shores of the Pacific, and she's welcoming the warm weather with an Italian-style backyard beach party with her family. She makes Fried Clams with Tartar and Cocktail Sauces, Antipasto Pasta Salad and Mom's Perfect Sub Sandwiches. For dessert, she creates Watermelon Agua Fresca and Frozen Fireworks.

  • Pasta Perfect

    Season 9 - October 20, 2019

    Inspired by a cooking class she took in Italy, Valerie Bertinelli invites her Italian hosts and friends over for a meal of Italian classics done her way. They sip Rummy Roman Holiday cocktails while enjoying Zucchini Rollatini and Homemade Pici Pasta with Carbonara Sauce. For dessert, Valerie dishes out a decadent Tiramisu.

  • Payback Day

    Season 9 - October 13, 2019

    Valerie Bertinelli is rewarding her hardworking crew for standing by as she and her guests have eaten their way through more than 500 dishes on Valerie's Home Cooking. As a thank you, she creates special treats just for them, starting with Marinated Lamb Chops and Zoodle Panzanella. She also makes Honey Rosemary Snack Mix and Chocolate Marble Love Cake to show some love to the new dads on the crew.

  • Celebrating Wolf's Music

    Season 9 - October 6, 2019

    Valerie Bertinelli is celebrating her son Wolf's music with friends, family and his favourite home-cooked meal. The menu includes Cedar Plank Salmon with Grilled Cherry Tomatoes, Brown Butter Sauteed Spinach with Lemon and Mini Crab Cakes with Mustard Creme Fraiche. For dessert, everyone enjoys slices of Vanilla Cake with Swiss Vanilla Buttercream.

  • Food! Friends! Fun!

    Season 9 - September 29, 2019

    Valerie Bertinelli's good friends and cutthroat card competitors, Kevin and Kristen, are visiting for a long weekend. In order to spend as much time with them as she can, Valerie is prepping all her foods in advance. Her menu includes Turkey and Swiss Sandwiches with Carrot Slaw, Chopped Salad Trifle with Homemade Ranch, Barbecue Potato Chips and Chicken Tetrazzini. The gang sips on Valerie's Sangria as they enjoy their time together.

  • One More Time, It's a Chicken Dinner

    Season 9 - September 22, 2019

    Valerie Bertinelli is always looking for the latest and greatest ways to prepare chicken. She's sharing her latest tricks for picture-perfect birds with her friend, food and lifestyle blogger Jo Stougaard. Valerie's recipes include Chicken Fried Rice, Marinated Grilled Chicken Breasts with Arugula and Grilled Chicken Tamarind Soup. For dessert, she stays at the grill to make Grilled Chocolate Angel Food Cake.

  • All the Colors of the Rainbow

    Season 9 - September 15, 2019

    Valerie Bertinelli is celebrating spring's colorful bounty by creating a visual feast that delights the senses and her guest, The Kitchen's Katie Lee. The menu includes Red Raspberry Goat Cheese Crostini, Honey Roasted Rainbow Carrots, Purple and Green Kale Salad with Lemon Anchovy Vinaigrette and Heirloom Garlic Chicken Thighs. Valerie and Katie sip Blood Orange Brown Derby cocktails and wrap up their meal with White Chocolate Bark with Dried Cranberries and Pistachios.

  • Honoring Nonnie

    Season 9 - September 8, 2019

    Valerie Bertinelli has fond memories of learning how to cook from her beloved grandmother, Nonnie. She's celebrating that connection by preparing favourite dishes from childhood -- with a dash of her own personal style -- for her brother, David, and her nephew, Enzo. Valerie's menu includes Kale and Radicchio Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette, Mom's Lasagna and, for dessert, Pistachio Gelato. She also makes Raspberry Prosecco Cocktails with homemade Raspberry Syrup.

Season 8

  • Patio Party: A Dip for Everyone

    Season 8 - April 14, 2019

    Nothing says summer like a patio party, so Valerie Bertinelli is hosting a "beginning of summer" get-together with her husband, Tom, and their best friends. The seasonal party menu includes Grilled Vegetables with Avocado Yogurt Dip, Tapenade Aioli Dip, Grilled Shrimp Salsa, Skirt Steak with Chermoula and a Hibiscus and Lavender Prosecco Punch to toast in the new season.

  • All-American Boy

    Season 8 - April 7, 2019

    Valerie Bertinelli's close friend and fellow chef, Stuart O'Keeffe, recently became a US citizen, so she's treating him to her favorite all-American dishes. The patriotic menu includes Red Wine and Herb-Marinated Tri-Tip, Twice-Baked Potatoes, a California Cobb Salad, Tom's Mom's Apple Pie and a Honey Bourbon Cider Cocktail.

  • Fair Food Fare for the Kids

    Season 8 - March 31, 2019

    Valerie Bertinelli's brother-in-law is bringing his family for a visit this summer, but his sons are sad about missing the Virginia State Fair back home. Aunt Valerie comes to the rescue, bringing all the great and unique tastes of the state fair home to surprise two of her favorite nephews. The fair selections include Classic Double Cheeseburgers, Mini Corn Dogs, Spicy Pickle Fries with Ranch Dressing, Five Spice Churros and refreshing Frozen Blueberry Lemonade.

  • Traditional Tea-Less Tea Party

    Season 8 - March 24, 2019

    Valerie Bertinelli's good friend and fellow Hot in Cleveland alum Jane Leeves is in town, so she's throwing a traditional English tea party like their ancestors might have prepared -- but with a few modern twists! The menu includes Fennel Orange Scones with Quick Strawberry Jam, Smoked Salmon Phyllo Cups, Cucumber Tea Sandwiches, Tomato and Cheddar Tartlets, a Cherry Clafouti and a special beverage -- Pimm's Cups.

  • It's Not Too Late

    Season 8 - March 17, 2019

    Valerie Bertinelli is throwing a bridal shower for one of her oldest and dearest friends 31 years after the wedding! The menu for this special event includes Avocados Stuffed with Shrimp and Crab Salad, Poppy Seed Crackers with Egg Mousse and Caviar, Homemade Yeast Rolls with Honey Butter, Prosecco with Raspberry Cassis Ice Cubes and, for dessert, beautiful Ombre Petit Fours.

  • No Siesta Fiesta

    Season 8 - March 10, 2019

    Valerie Bertinelli is heating up her Cinco de Mayo celebration with spicy dishes inspired by rare Hatch chilies from her brother's hot pepper garden. Her menu for this special fiesta includes Slow Cooker Chicken Mole with Sliced Radishes, Hatch Chili Cream Cheese Dip, Aztec Chocolate Brownies with Cinnamon Whipped Cream, and a Mango Passionfruit Margarita.

  • Happy Birthday, Luna

    Season 8 - March 3, 2019

    Valerie Bertinelli invites her friends over to celebrate the birthday of her rescue dog, Luna. She prepares a party menu of Green Curry Vegetables, Mrs. Van Halen's Bami Goreng and Carrot Coconut Birthday Cake with Coconut Cream Frosting that's both human- and dog-friendly.

  • Dinner and a Movie ... Outdoors

    Season 8 - February 10, 2019

    Valerie Bertinelli prepares a glam meal for an outdoor screening of one of her favorite classic films, the 1937 version of A Star is Born. Her Old Hollywood menu includes Brisket Sliders with White Barbecue Sauce, Horseradish Potato Salad, Crunchy Manchego Fig Straws, Pineapple Upside Down Cake Jars and a refreshing Coconut Pineapple Spritzer.

  • Amy's in the House!

    Season 8 - February 3, 2019

    Valerie Bertinelli's friend, Amy Pelkey, is a private chef and caterer who needs inspiration for a few new Italian dishes, so Valerie invites her over so they can cook together! On the menu are Ribollita, Porchetta, Cantaloupe and Radicchio Salad with a reduced balsamic vinaigrette and, for dessert, Lemon Tiramisu. They also mix up a Paper Plane Cocktail featuring Italian liqueurs.

  • Bringing the Outdoors In

    Season 8 - January 27, 2019

    Valerie Bertinelli enjoyed many pop-up camper vacations as a kid, sandwiched in between her brothers, and now it's her nephew Enzo's turn to experience camping the Bertinelli way! Valerie is bringing the best of the outdoors inside for a festive picnic without bugs, and she's joined by Enzo and her brothers, Patrick and David. On the picnic table are Baby Back Ribs, Arugula Corn Salad, Cheesy Nacho Tots and, for dessert, a Peanut Butter S'mores Pie and Cinnamon Hot Chocolate.

  • Say Hello to the Flavors of Spring

    Season 8 - January 20, 2019

    A longing for spring inspires Valerie Bertinelli to add some fresh flavors to her cooking, and she prepares a meal of spring delights for her husband, Tom, and their friends, comedic actress Melissa Peterman and her husband, actor John Brady. Valerie's springtime menu features Bacon-Wrapped Pork Tenderloin, Broccolini with Breadcrumbs and Grilled New Potatoes with Tarragon Butter. Her Rhubarb Jam Bars make the perfect sweet and tart dessert.

  • Hot in Cleveland Reunion

    Season 8 - January 13, 2019

    Two years after Valerie Bertinelli's show Hot in Cleveland wrapped, she's planning an all-out party to bring the old gang back together for a reunion. Joining in the fun are various crew members from behind the camera as well as Valerie's costar, Jane Leeves. On the menu are Avocado Labne Toast, Apricot BBQ Chicken Thighs, Sheet Pan Scalloped Potatoes and, for dessert, a special Chocolate Mint Love Cake.

  • Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

    Season 8 - January 6, 2019

    Valerie Bertinelli challenges herself to use every part of the chicken in a delicious and creative menu, just as her mother and Nonnie used to do as part of their belief that nothing should go to waste. Food Network's Hannah Hart joins Valerie to enjoy the benefits of her chicken challenge. On the menu are Chicken Liver Pate with Red Onion Jam, Un-Fried Chicken, Chicken Broth Braised Turnips with Homemade Chicken Stock, an Arugula and Shaved Mushroom Salad and, for dessert, Chewy Schmaltz Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.

Season 7

  • Spicy Mud's New Orleans Favorites

    Season 7 - November 25, 2018

    Valerie Bertinelli discovered some of her now-favorite foods while visiting her brother, Patrick, in Louisiana. So she's treating Patrick and his wife to some traditional New Orleans flavors, made her way. On the menu are Muffaletta Bruschetta, Quick Rotisserie Chicken Gumbo and Braised Mustard Greens. For dessert, Valerie makes a traditional New Orleans favorite with a twist, King Cake.

  • Gal-entine's Day

    Season 7 - November 18, 2018

    Valerie Bertinelli is showing her love and appreciation for her best girlfriends with a treat-filled luncheon a few days before Valentine's Day. Her special menu includes Green Pea Arancini with Herby Lemon Dipping Sauce followed by a Whole Roasted Side of Salmon and Escarole Salad with Roasted Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette. For dessert, a Citrus Pavlova is the perfect balance of sweet and tart.

  • Surf's Up

    Season 7 - November 11, 2018

    Valerie Bertinelli has always loved vacationing in Hawaii, where she enjoys the food, relaxed atmosphere and opportunities to surf! She's bringing the aloha vibe home with a Hawaiian-inspired feast for her husband, Tom, and his brother's family. Her menu includes Pineapple Salsa with Taro Chips, a Poke bar and Roasted Pork Sliders. Valerie also puts her spin on the Mai Tai and makes Chocolate Macadamia Candy for dessert.

  • It's Getting Hot in Here

    Season 7 - November 4, 2018

    Valerie Bertinelli has invited some local first responders to her home to show her appreciation for how they put their lives on the line fighting fires. She prepares a big game day feast that really brings the heat, with Four Alarm Chili, Spicy Cheesy Pull-Apart Bread, Smokey Bacon Jalapeno Poppers and a flaming Dark 'n' Fiery cocktail. She cools things off for dessert with Grasshopper Ice Box Pie.

  • Come Cassoulet With Me: A Decadent Dinner on a Dime

    Season 7 - October 28, 2018

    Valerie Bertinelli loves a good slow-cooked dish, and she's making a French classic, Cassoulet, for her friend, Chef Ludo Lefebvre. Even though it sounds fancy, Valerie's version is budget-friendly and so delicious! Her menu for Chef Ludo's visit also includes Fennel and Greens Salad, Lemon Sorbet in Lemon Cups and Pistachio Brittle.

  • To Spain for a Little Bit of Everything: Tapas

    Season 7 - October 21, 2018

    Following a trip to Spain, Valerie Bertinelli has developed a love of Spanish foods, especially the small plates, or tapas, that the Spaniards do so brilliantly. When her out-of-town friends come to visit, Valerie serves tapas to fuel their nonstop euchre card game competition. On the menu are Patatas Bravas, Asparagus Wrapped in Serrano Ham, Stuffed Piquillo Peppers, Oven Paella and, for dessert, Creme Catalana.

  • On the Road Again

    Season 7 - October 14, 2018

    Valerie Bertinelli is traveling to Chicago to give a keynote address at a women's expo. To keep her energy up for this quick trip, she's preparing a Breakfast Parfait with Fig Compote, Fruit and Nut Trail Mix for the plane ride, Kale Salad with Peanut Vinaigrette for when she lands in Chicago and a Power Powder Drink to add to coconut water before she gives her speech. She's also making plans to come home to a great make-ahead meal of delicious and nutritious Chicken Sambal as a reward for a job well done.

  • Cookie Party Swap

    Season 7 - October 7, 2018

    Valerie Bertinelli recreates the warm holiday feeling she grew up with -- when her mother and aunts traded cookie recipes around the holidays -- by hosting a festive cocktail party with cookies and small bites. Joining in on the fun are comic actress Melissa Peterman, Andraia Allsop and Kristen Houser. Valerie's menu includes Mrs. Bertinelli's Christmas Bell Cookies, Tarte Flambe, and Roasted Shrimp and Peppers with Chimichurri. Melted Snowmen Peanut Butter Cookies and Super Fast Rum Raisin Eggnog add to the party atmosphere.

  • Tamale Party Time

    Season 7 - September 30, 2018

    Valerie Bertinelli loves the holiday tradition of making tamales, so she's inviting over the best tamale makers she knows: Christy Vega Fowler, Lisa Ashley and Jo Stougaard. They're making Chicken Tamales, Jicama and Avocado Salad with Lime Vinaigrette, special holiday drink Ponche Navideno and traditional Tres Leches Cake.

  • Celebrating 20 Years of Friendship

    Season 7 - September 23, 2018

    Valerie Bertinelli invites three of her best friends over to celebrate two decades of friendship. She'll serve Hot Spinach and Crab Dip, Grilled Eggplant Parm, Warm Brussels Sprout Salad, Apricot Manhattans and a Cream Cheese Cherry Galette.

  • Say Yes to the Veg

    Season 7 - September 16, 2018

    Valerie Bertinelli is testing out new ways to sneak veggies into her recipes that kids will absolutely love. When her producer's two little grandsons drop by, she makes Baked Mac and Cheese with Hidden Cauliflower, Jazzed Up Sweet Potato Fries, Spinach and Red Pepper Stuffed Chicken, and Zucchini and Ginger Naked Cake with Ginger Cream Cheese Frosting.

  • My Delaware Days

    Season 7 - September 9, 2018

    Valerie Bertinelli and her cousin look back on their favorite childhood memories of Delaware. Valerie serves a menu of Delaware classics like Steamed Clams with Spicy Garlic Bread, Lump Crab Cakes with Cocktail Remoulade and Sauteed Spinach, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cakes and take-home gifts of Homemade Apple Butter.

  • Tom's Hometown Favorites

    Season 7 - September 2, 2018

    Valerie Bertinelli's husband, Tom, hails from the Midwest and often bemoans the lack of his favorite hearty foods, so Valerie surprises him with some of his Ohio favorites. On the menu is Ohio Turkey Chili, Fried Bologna Bites with Pickled Squash, and Tomato and Bibb Lettuce Salad. Then, for dessert, there's Vanilla and Coffee Cream Puffs.

Season 6

  • Gravy and Gratitude

    Season 6 - February 18, 2018

    Valerie Bertinelli loves classic Thanksgiving dishes, but decides to mix it up by putting new twists on traditional favorites. She previews the recipes for the big holiday for some friends, including Turkey Roulade with Cranberry Citrus Stuffing and Pan Gravy, Root Vegetable Gratin, Succotash Salad, a Cream Cheese Log with Sweet and Spicy Cranberry Relish, and for dessert, a delectable Pumpkin Love Cake.

  • It's Payback Time

    Season 6 - February 11, 2018

    Valerie Bertinelli has invited a special group that includes her longtime managers, attorney and former publicist for dinner to thank them for all their support during her career. She prepares a menu of Brown Sugar Sriracha Bacon Bites, Asparagus in Piggy Blankets and Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese Croutons. They enjoy a Caramel Apple Tarte Tatin for dessert and toast the 1980s with a Fuzzy Navel cocktail.

  • Soup 'n Wiches

    Season 6 - February 4, 2018

    Valerie Bertinelli has been working nonstop with her book editor, so she makes them a seasonal tea with plenty of afternoon treats. The menu includes Marinated Lamb Chops with Red Wine and Rosemary, Bloody Mary Tea Sandwiches, Baked Brie with Almonds and Apples, and Roasted Asparagus Pesto Dip.

  • A Picture Worth Eating

    Season 6 - January 28, 2018

    As a thank-you for all his hard work photographing many of her magazine covers and articles, Valerie Bertinelli invites her friend, Brian Bowen Smith, over for a menu inspired by his favorite ingredient: tequila! She serves Tequila Lime Chicken Wings with Spicy Avocado Crema, Chayote Slaw with Avocado and Cilantro Dressing, Chile Lime Party Mix, a Mango Tart with Tequila Lime Glaze and a Mango Tequila Sunrise.

  • Touchdown!

    Season 6 - January 21, 2018

    It's that time of year when Valerie Bertinelli is in the zone -- the end zone! She's kicking off football season with a touchdown-worthy feast for family and friends. On the menu is White Chicken Chili with a toppings bar, a Football Cheese Ball with Herbed Crackers, a Simple Green Salad with Champagne Vinaigrette, Crunchy Toffee Buckeyes, and a Bloody Bull cocktail with Spicy Pickled Okra and Green Beans for garnish.

  • Valerie Bertinelli: Ingredient Hunter!

    Season 6 - January 14, 2018

    Valerie Bertinelli finds inspiration wherever she looks, including her local farm stand! Valerie finds ingredients for a Plum Slab Pie, Summer Vegetable Gratin, Spicy Cucumber Calamari Salad with Spiced Yogurt Sauce, and a Boozy Frozen Espresso.

  • Be Prepared!

    Season 6 - January 7, 2018

    Valerie Bertinelli helps a brand new Cub Scout -- her young nephew, Enzo -- earn his cooking badge with some quick and easy dishes. Together, they create an after-school snack of No-Bake Granola Bars with a Carob "Chocolate" Drizzle, followed by Chicken and Broccoli over Fettuccine in Alfredo Sauce, Cinnamon Strawberry Twists, and Strawberry Milkshakes.

Season 5

  • All Day Grilling

    Season 5 - December 10, 2017

    On a prior visit to California, Valerie Bertinelli's friends showed her how to grill breakfast, which started a fierce competition to see who could come up with the best all-day grill menu. Today, Valerie is turning up the heat with Grilled French Toast with Apple Berry Compote and Apple Mascarpone Cream, Grilled Shrimp and Radicchio Salad with Honey Balsamic Vinaigrette, Grilled Lamb Meatball Flatbread with Grilled Tomato Sauce, and a refreshing Grilled Citrus Spiked Lemonade.

  • Old World Meets New World

    Season 5 - December 3, 2017

    Valerie Bertinelli's old friends and the other four "Fab Five" birthday celebrants enjoy a favorite old world recipe from Valerie's Nonni: her Gnocchi with Marinara Sauce. With that, Valerie adds some modern recipes: Prime Rib, Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta and a Mixed Berry Tart.

  • Dinner Fit For a Queen

    Season 5 - November 26, 2017

    Valerie Bertinelli cooks a springtime feast for her family by adapting some of her mom's favorite recipes. When she has trouble remembering a recipe, Valerie videochats with her mom, Mrs. B, for advice. Her menu includes Honey Mustard Glazed Ham, Pea and Mint Risotto, Strawberry Shortcake Trifle, and Cinnamon Sugared Walnuts.

  • Let's Get Social

    Season 5 - November 19, 2017

    Valerie Bertinelli hired her pal, food blogger Jo Stougaard, to help expand her social media reach. Today, over a menu of Roasted Vegetable Soup, Tuscan Pesto Pizza with Shrimp Scampi, Shortbread and Lemon Cheesecake, and Spiked Strawberry Lemonades, they create new posts for Valerie's social media.

  • Happy Birthday, Spicy Mud

    Season 5 - November 12, 2017

    Valerie Bertinelli loves her little brother, nicknamed Mud, and they're celebrating his birthday with a really spicy feast. The guests dine on a hot hot hot meal of Chili Rubbed Beef with Garlic Herb Oil, Jalapeno Mac & Cheese, Sweet and Spicy Popcorn, Blistered Green Beans with Spicy Chile Sauce and Mexican Chocolate Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting.

  • Recipe Renovation

    Season 5 - November 5, 2017

    Valerie Bertinelli and her husband, Tom, have been living through remodeling angst for a few months and the end is in sight. In order to show off and celebrate her new and organized closet, she invites friends over and prepares a lovely elegant dinner that includes a Crunchy Mustard Chicken Bake, Snap Pea and Radish Salad with Mint and Tarragon, Aperol Spritzes, and a Red and Green Grape Galette with a Fennel Crust and Red Wine Syrup for dessert.

  • When Life Gives You Lemons... Rejoice!

    Season 5 - October 29, 2017

    Valerie Bertinelli goes to a lemon farm in search of different varieties of lemon trees with her friend, actress Melissa Peterman. Then, she puts her favorite ingredient into a menu that is fun from soup to nuts -- to lemons! She whips up Greek Lemon Soup with Chicken, Crispy Pancetta Crostini with Arugula Lemon Pesto, Lemon Love Cake, and homemade Limoncello as a base for Lemonade Moscow Mules.

  • Kitchen Cousins

    Season 5 - October 22, 2017

    When Valerie Bertinelli's husband's cousins come to town, she is challenged with converting cousin Mary's favorite Italian recipes into healthier versions, so that Mary can still indulge while staying on a heart-healthy regimen. Valerie makes Classic Salami Pie, an Italian Veg Pie, Crunchy Romaine Salad with a Sweet Sesame Vinaigrette, Pepperoni Rolls with homemade Marinara, and Spumoni.

  • Valerie Cooks So-Cal Style

    Season 5 - October 15, 2017

    Valerie Bertinelli and her longtime babysitter and friend, Elia, cook So-Cal style Mexican recipes, just they did when her son Wolfie was a little boy. They make Chicken Enchiladas with Classic Sauce, a Casa Vega style Tostada Salad, Roasted Salsa, Refried Beans and Smoky Margaritas with Mezcal.

  • Homemade Happy Hour

    Season 5 - October 1, 2017

    Who doesn't love meeting friends for an after-work drink and some yummy bites to share? Valerie Bertinelli invites her glam squad for happy hour, but doesn't wait for the end of a tough workweek on the Valerie's Home Cooking set to start the party! She whips up Turkey Cranberry Sliders, Roasted Cauliflower Popcorn with Chili Lime Seasoning, Jalapeno Fries with Roasted Garlic Ranch Dipping Sauce, and a Key Lime Pie Martini.

  • My Kind of Town: Chicago

    Season 5 - September 24, 2017

    One of Valerie Bertinelli's good friends is a recent Chicago transplant, living in Los Angeles but always extolling the virtues of his hometown eats. She invites him and another recent transplant over for a taste of their hometown, including Deep Dish Sausage Pizza, Cheese and Caramel Popcorn, an Italian Pizzeria Salad and Chocolate Hazelnut Pull-Apart Bread.

  • Wine Club Party

    Season 5 - September 17, 2017

    Valerie Bertinelli's dear friends, the Dinsmores, have a party twice a year for their wine club. Valerie has offered to cook for the party, knowing one of the guests is lactose-intolerant. Her menu features Steak Towers, Polenta Crackers with Roasted Wild Mushrooms, Grilled Shrimp Skewers with Green Onions and Romesco Sauce, and White Pepper Cherry Cookies.

  • Comfort Food, Cuban-Style

    Season 5 - September 10, 2017

    Valerie Bertinelli remembers a wonderful weekend in Miami, where all the fragrances and tastes of authentic Cuban food inspire her to recreate some Cuban comfort magic in her own kitchen. She makes a Cubano Salad, Cuban Sandwiches with Slow Cooker Pulled Pork, Spicy Black Bean Soup, a Tropical Sundae, and to drink, Grapefruit Mojitos.

Season 4

  • Clean Eats

    Season 4 - March 23, 2018

    Valerie Bertinelli starts the New Year off right with a menu that's big on flavor but low on guilt, including Slow Cooker Steel Cut Oats, Grilled Chopped Vegetable Salad, Kale and Artichoke Chicken Casserole, and Healthy Banana-Cherry Custard.

  • Jet Lag Dinner

    Season 4 - March 22, 2018

    After a week of non-stop travel, Valerie Bertinelli isn't sure what time zone she's in, so she decides a sweet and savory breakfast-for-dinner will make a nice homecoming to share with her husband, Tom. On the "What Time Is It?" menu are Everything Savory Potato Waffles with Smoked Salmon, Watercress and Citrus Salad, a Dutch Baby Pancake with Raspberry-Orange Coulis and a refreshingly delicious Grapefruitini.

  • The Days Grow Shorter and the Nights Longer

    Season 4 - March 21, 2018

    On one of the shortest days of the year, Valerie Bertinelli and her husband, Tom, are entertaining two of their good pals and heating up the fun with Valerie's Slow Cooker Mulled Wine, Fried Chickpeas with Sage and Parmesan, and the very comforting Turkey Sausage with Fennel Sauerkraut. For dessert, they'll enjoy Rosemary-Lemon Shortbread.

  • I'm Outta Here

    Season 4 - March 19, 2018

    Valerie Bertinelli prepares make-ahead meals for her husband, Tom, to enjoy while she's in Arizona. On the menu are Farro, Roasted Beet, and Goat Cheese Salad, Beef Bourguignon, a French Beef sandwich and Blueberry Cake with Lemon Mascarpone Cream.

  • Brother Vs. Brother

    Season 4 - March 19, 2018

    While Valerie Bertinelli's husband, Tom, and his brother, Dave, compete over their home brews, Valerie makes a beer-centric meal. The menu includes Slow Cooker Pulled Pork with Fried Shallots and Fresno Chile slices, Potato Skins stuffed with Beer Cheese, Scallions and Bacon, and Pan-Roasted Tomatoes with Quick Balsamic Jam. For dessert, Valerie submits a Stout and Caramel Milkshake to the competition.

  • Blended Holidaze

    Season 4 - December 8, 2017

    The Bertinelli and Vitale clans are gathered together for a fun and festive celebration to keep the holiday spirit alive! The blended families will feast on Crown Roast of Lamb with Mint and Green Onion Pesto, Almond-Cranberry Rice Pilaf, Roasted Winter Vegetables, Christmas Morning Cinnamon Rolls, and Holiday Cranberry-Orange Punch.

  • Oh, The Weather Outside is Frightful

    Season 4 - December 4, 2017

    Bad weather outside is perfect for snuggling inside, so Valerie Bertinelli and her husband, Tom, make comforting stay-at-home recipes like Shrimp Scampi with Herb Breadcrumbs, Pull-Apart Garlic Bread with Asiago Cheese, Helen's Orange and Fennel Salad, Crispy Chocolate-Mint Cookies and a lovely Hot Chai with Spiced Rum.

  • Pumpkins, Sweets and Treats - 407

    Season 4 - October 29, 2017

    Valerie Bertinelli is celebrating the season with her sister-in-law and nephew by creating a feast of fall's bounty. The autumn-themed menu includes Butternut Squash and Arugula Pizza on Homemade Pizza Dough, Mini Caramel Apples, Baked Pumpkin Doughnuts and Spiced Pumpkin Mochas.

  • Thankful for Family

    Season 4 - October 1, 2017

    When it comes to Thanksgiving, Valerie Bertinelli really knows how to bring the people she loves together. She and her husband, Tom, will host both of their families for a Thanksgiving feast to remember. The holiday spread will include Fennel and Citrus Roasted Turkey with Gravy, Cinnamon Raisin Bread Stuffing with Sausage, Mom's Waldorf Salad and, for dessert, delicious Cranberry Pomegranate Crumb Bars.

  • I Could Do That Blindfolded

    Season 4 - August 26, 2017

    Valerie Bertinelli and her husband, Tom, are hosting friends from Ohio, and Valerie plans an effortless meal to dig into while they play their favorite card game. The menu includes Everything Snack Mix, Three Bean Turkey Chili, Broccoli Carrot Salad, Sweet and Savory Cornbread Cookies and finished with an LOL Martini.

  • 4th Down and Yum

    Season 4 - August 26, 2017

    Valerie Bertinelli hosts a football-themed party with former NFL pro and Food Network Star, Eddie Jackson. The touchdown-worthy menu includes Slow Cooker Sloppy Joe Sliders, Homemade Potato Chips Topped with Chicken Salt, Roasted Carrot Hummus, Peanut Butter Brownies Topped with Salted Pretzels and a Sweet Tea and Lemonade Lager. 
  • Valerie to the Rescue

    Season 4 - July 8, 2017

    Valerie Bertinelli's dear friend injured himself snowboarding, so she brings him the perfect scratch-made supper he can enjoy at home. The travel-ready care package includes Citrus Marinated Olives, Manicotti stuffed with Ricotta and Italian Sausage, Tuscan Kale Salad with Anchovy Dressing, and an old favorite with a new taste, Strawberry Love Cake.
  • Quick and Easy Movie Night

    Season 4 - July 8, 2017

    Valerie and Tom are in for the night with best friends Suzanne and Danny Ferleger - and what could be more fun than watching home movies . . . watching them in your own backyard on a white sheet hung on a clothesline, right?! Valerie has a quick and easy menu that is perfect for viewing under the stars - on the menu: Crab Boil Sliders, S'mores Popcorn, Lemon Dijon Potato Salad and a super-fast homemade Limeade and Mint Soda.

Season 3

  • Stress-Free Summer Fiesta!

    Season 3 - March 8, 2018

    Valerie Bertinelli and her buddy Faith Ford love to cook and test out recipes. Today, it's Valerie's turn, but it's just too hot to cook! She decides to keeps things cool with a deliciously decadent Lobster Club Sandwich, Savory Refrigerator Pickle Spears, a Classic Greek Salad, a Honey-Citrus Southern Iced Tea, and a unique recipe for Microwave Potato Chips. For dessert, she makes a fresh take on Lemon Icebox Cake.

  • Too Hot to Cook

    Season 3 - March 7, 2018

    Valerie Bertinelli and her buddy Faith Ford love to cook and test out recipes. Today, it's Valerie's turn, but it's just too hot to cook! She decides to keeps things cool with a deliciously decadent Lobster Club Sandwich, Savory Refrigerator Pickle Spears, a Classic Greek Salad, a Honey-Citrus Southern Iced Tea, and a unique recipe for Microwave Potato Chips. For dessert, she makes a fresh take on Lemon Icebox Cake.

  • Just Me and My Boys

    Season 3 - March 7, 2018

    Valerie Bertinelli loves her many family traditions, but it's never too late to start a new one! To honor some of the special men in her life -- her son Wolf, husband Tom and brother Patrick -- Valerie creates new family favorites: Chipotle Burgers with homemade Barbecue Sauce, Spinach Salad topped with a Warm Bacon Dressing, and her Mom's Onion Rings served with a refreshing Ginger Beer Drink.

  • Perfect Bites Before

    Season 3 - March 6, 2018

    Valerie Bertinelli and her Hot in Cleveland co-stars Jane Leeves, Wendie Malick and Betty White meet at a restaurant every month to catch up, but this time Valerie's invited them over for a few small bites first. On the menu are Short Rib Stacks, Chicken Satay and Steamed Veggies served with Peanut Sauce, Mini Roasted Potatoes with Eggplant Caviar, all served with a Vodka Cucumber drink before they hop in a cab to dinner!

  • Summer Grilling Send-Off

    Season 3 - May 14, 2017

    With summer ending and shorter days ahead, Valerie Bertinelli throws one last backyard soiree with her friends and family - husband Tom, chef Stuart O'Keeffe, actress Mackenzie Phillips, and Larry and Angela Robinson. She prepares an all-grilled menu: Salmon Burgers, Avocado and Grilled Corn Salad with Goddess Dressing, Grilled Sweet Potato Wedges and even a Grilled Pound Cake with Grilled Peaches, served with a Cinnamon Simple Syrup.

  • Little Italy in My Kitchen

    Season 3 - May 14, 2017

    Valerie Bertinelli's good friend, chef and Food Network personality Alex Guarnaschelli, is visiting from New York. To celebrate her being in town, Valerie brings the experience of Little Italy home by preparing some of her favorite classic Italian dishes. On the menu: Sausage and Pepper Sliders, Mom's Spaghetti and Meatballs, Prosecco with Limoncello and Candied Lemon slices, and fresh homemade Cannolis.

  • Kids Baking Championship Reunion

    Season 3 - May 7, 2017

    It's a Kids Baking Championship reunion as season two kid chefs Jane Haviland and Matthew Merril drop by for lunch! Valerie Bertinelli does not disappoint and makes Grilled Italian Paninis with Provolone, Genoa Salami, Black Forest Ham and Roast Turkey served with Salt and Vinegar Zucchini Chips, and Soft Pretzels with Chocolate Hazelnut Dip. As a special treat, Valerie makes Chocolate Cupcakes with Neapolitan Frosting and the kids decorate them with treats sent by Duff Goldman.

  • Cheat Day

    Season 3 - May 7, 2017

    It's one of those nights where Valerie Bertinelli and her husband Tom's cravings are all over the map, so they decide to have it all! Valerie cooks up some of their favorite guilty pleasure dishes: Chicken with Prunes and Olives, Italian Wedge Salad with Gorgonzola topped with Crispy Pancetta, Vegetable Pot Stickers and, for dessert, Mini Zeppoles with a Caramel Marsala Dipping Sauce.

  • Only the Best for My Wolfie!

    Season 3 - April 30, 2017

    Valerie Bertinelli pulls out all the stops to celebrate her son Wolf's birthday. She's got all of his favorites on the menu: Spatchcock Roasted Chicken with Salsa Verde, Garlicky Broccoli Fusilli, Oven-Baked Sweet Potato Fries with Homemade Ranch Dressing -- all expanded to feed a party that just keeps on growing. For the birthday boy's dessert, she makes his very favorite Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting!

  • Bacon, Bacon, Bacon: Bacon Makes Everything Better

    Season 3 - April 30, 2017

    Valerie Bertinelli's longtime friend, Jo Stougaard - a food blogger and major authority on the deliciousness of bacon - is coming over, so Valerie's bringing her "A" game with an all-bacon menu! She whips up Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Shrimp with Cherry Cola Barbecue Sauce, a Tomato Salad with a Balsamic Dressing topped with Crumbled Pancetta, and for dessert, Bacon Caramel Scuffins topped with Caramel Clotted Cream.

  • Bang for Your Buck Barbecue

    Season 3 - April 25, 2017

    After Valerie Bertinelli and her husband, Tom, accidentally double-book friends over for dinner, Valerie saves the day by inviting both couples over for a casual backyard barbecue -- delicious, easy and one of the most cost-effective ways to entertain. She whips up Lacquered Barbecue Grilled Chicken, Baked Beans with Brown Sugar and Bacon, Grilled Vegetable Kabobs and a refreshing Lemon-Basil Granita.

  • Everything Retro Is New Again

    Season 3 - April 23, 2017

    Valerie Bertinelli and her husband, Tom, love to reminisce about old times, but like all long-term relationships and old-school recipes, there comes a time to give them a little update! On the menu is Chopped Iceberg Salad with Roquefort Dressing, Tuna Noodle Casserole, and a new take on an old favorite, Valerie's mother's Cherry Cheesecake Pie.

  • Home Alone... And I Like It

    Season 3 - April 23, 2017

    Valerie Bertinelli spends all day researching her mom and Noni's recipes for her next cookbook, and when she finally comes up for air she realizes it's time for dinner. With no time to go to the market, she pulls together a meal from her favorite pantry staples: Smoky Cheddar Crackers, Pasta al Tonno, and Roasted Artichoke Hearts Provencal followed by tasty Blueberry Cheesecake Filo Cups.

Season 2

  • Wolfie's Home!

    Season 2 - March 6, 2018

    Valerie Bertinelli celebrates her son Wolf's return after months of touring by making his favorite foods for him and his best friend since childhood. She creates a meal of Pasta e Fagioli, Thursday Turkey Meatloaf, Roasted Broccoli Rabe and Wolf's favorite dessert: a luscious Pumpkin Pudding.

  • Mighty Neighborly of You

    Season 2 - March 5, 2018

    Valerie Bertinelli preps a special meal to take to her neighbors to thank them for all the times they've taken care of her dog, picked up her mail and brought in packages. She whips up Lamb Shepherd's Pie and Arugula Salad with pickled red onions, cherry tomatoes and Champagne Vinaigrette, and a refreshing Rosemary Gin Fizz. For dessert, she sends them home with Salted Hazelnut Toffee.

  • My Favourite Indulgences

    Season 2 - March 5, 2018

    While her husband and son are away, Valerie Bertinelli treats herself to a day of comfort and ease with all the foods she loves most. There's Blue Cheese-Stuffed Olives and a perfect Martini, Pasta alla Vongole with Roasted Asparagus, and Mushrooms with Spicy Chili Salt. For a sweet treat, she makes Limoncello Challah Bread Pudding and an invigorating avocado face mask!

  • A Very Valerie Valentine's Day

    Season 2 - March 2, 2018

    It's Valentine's Day, so Valerie Bertinelli's making Chocolate Walnut Scuffins for a sweet start to her day with her husband, Tom. After he surprises her with a Margarita tree, there's dinner of Fennel Salad with Goat Cheese and Pine Nuts followed by Spaghetti with Onion, Bacon and Tomato. For dessert, Valerie surprises Tom with his favorite Chocolate Ginger Mousse-Filled Pizzelle Cones.

  • Big Game, Big Flavors!

    Season 2 - March 2, 2018

    Football is king, but Valerie Bertinelli is queen of the halftime eats! Her family and friends are over to watch the game, so she's making Italian Slow-Cooked Beef Sandwiches served with a Giardiniera Aioli and an Italian-style fennel Cole Slaw. For dessert, she makes Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies, then turns the leftover halftime snacks into Beef and Potato Hash.

  • Lazy Sunday Dinner

    Season 2 - March 1, 2018

    Valerie Bertinelli and her husband, Tom, are creating a lazy Sunday meal that allows them to use up food in their fridge and pantry in order to save time and money. They entertain some good friends with a menu that includes Pa V's Pot Roast with veggies and potatoes, Green Beans with Shallots, and Stuffed Mushrooms. For dessert, there's Apricot Clafouti, topped off with a lovely Irish Coffee done Valerie's way.

  • Chick Flick TV Marathon

    Season 2 - March 1, 2018

    Valerie Bertinelli prepares a couch-friendly menu for a night of marathon TV-watching with her friend, actress Faith Ford. On the menu, there's Marinated Cucumber Salad, hearty slow-cooked Red Beans and Rice with Homemade Rosemary Pepper Crackers, and of course frosted Classic Gooey Brownies for dessert!

  • It's a Honey-Do Day

    Season 2 - February 28, 2018

    Valerie Bertinelli's husband, Tom, completes a long list of chores and is rewarded with his favorite dishes, starting with his favorite Eggs Benedict, made Valerie's way! Then, she preps a Prosciutto Bruschetta, and for dinner, it's Spicy Coconut Shrimp and a unique butterscotch version of an Italian Love Cake.

  • After the Ball Is Over

    Season 2 - February 28, 2018

    Valerie Bertinelli resolves to kick off the New Year right with foods that are filling but not fattening, so she starts her day with a flavorful Vegetable and Egg White Breakfast Fajita. After a hike with her friend, actress Mackenzie Phillips, they prepare a tasty grilled Chicken Salad with Apples and Grapes in Lettuce Cups. Then, for dinner, it's Grilled Chicken Veggie Soup and Mini Pear Compote Crumble with Maple Yogurt.

  • Italian Dinner for a French Chef

    Season 2 - February 27, 2018

    Valerie Bertinelli creates a five-star Italian dinner for French chef Ludo Lefebvre and his wife, Krissy. On the menu are Italian Panzanella, Corn and Cauliflower with Bourbon-Infused Butter, Branzino baked with a Gremolata and Butter-Infused Bourbon Manhattans.

  • Fab Dinner for My Fab Friends!

    Season 2 - February 27, 2018

    Valerie Bertinelli and her girlfriends always celebrate their birthdays at a restaurant, but now Valerie is surprising them with a home-cooked meal! On the menu are Mixed Baby Greens with Crispy Polenta Croutons, an elegant Peppered Beef Tenderloin with horseradish Panna Cotta and a fresh take on a Blueberry Tart. She also gifts them with a take-home breakfast treat, Honey and Hazelnut Granola. 

  • Poker Night

    Season 2 - February 26, 2018

    It's poker night, and Valerie Bertinelli and her husband, Tom, are joined by their friends: actor Michael Burger, Food Network's Duff Goldman, and TV producer Jenny Johnson. She's got the perfect full house of a menu with Southwestern Eggrolls with Salsa, retro Teriyaki Rumaki, an Orzo, Grape Tomatoes and Radish Salad, and Apple, Ham and Cheddar Sliders.

  • Thanksgiving: The Perfect Bite!

    Season 2 - October 2, 2017

    Valerie Bertinelli and her best gals are getting together to give thanks for each other before heading off for their family celebrations. Valerie's got the perfect Thanksgiving meal with Sweet and Salty Pepitas, Acorn Squash and Baby Bitter Greens with Sherry Shallot Vinaigrette Dressing, and a perfectly Deep-Fried Turkey topped with gravy. For dessert, there's homemade Pumpkin Pie served with a tangy Cinnamon Buttermilk Whipped Cream.

Season 1

  • Best Girls' Night In

    Season 1 - August 31, 2018

    It's Valerie Bertinelli's turn to entertain her best girl friends at this month's meeting of their 18-year-old book club. Valerie's menu includes Cream Cheese Crab Spread with Homemade Crostini, Butter Lettuce Salad with Hazelnuts and Bacon Bits, Spicy Arrabiata Penne, and for dessert, Helen's Black Pepper Walnut Biscotti and Affogato.

  • Bootcamp Brunch

    Season 1 - August 30, 2018

    After a harsh bootcamp workout in the park, Valerie Bertinelli invites her buds and trainer for brunch that is all about being healthy with a big dose of indulgence, but never guilt! A Kale and Quinoa Salad, Cherry-Coconut Scuffins, Leftover Veggie Frittata, and Open-Faced Avocado Toast are all perfect on any brunch table! Valerie's Blueberry Smoothie tops it all off.

  • Pizza party! Everyone's Tossing

    Season 1 - August 25, 2018

    Valerie Bertinelli invites her family over for dinner, and since they all like different things, Do-It-Yourself Personal Pizzas with Homemade Pizza Dough are sure to please all! With Kale Chips Three Ways as an appetizer, Pesto Sauce, Sneaky Salad, Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake Parfaits, and a kid-friendly Watermelon Spritz, there is something for everyone.

  • Last-Minute Dinner Guests

    Season 1 - March 11, 2018

    Last-minute dinner plans never scare Valerie Bertinelli. She shares her tips for a quick and easy meal for friends and serves up her Crazy Easy Quickbread, Sliced Cauliflower Steaks with Raisins and Pine Nuts, and Baked Salmon with Honey Mustard Sauce. Her husband Tom's Summer Manhattan gets the party started and Valerie's Berries with Limoncello and Basil is the perfect finish to her last-minute gathering.

  • Hot in Cleveland … One More Time

    Season 1 - March 11, 2018

    Valerie Bertinelli invites her Hot in Cleveland co-stars Betty White, Jane Leeves and Wendie Malick to her house for some girl talk and a cozy lunch including Quiche Valerie, Betty's favorite Italian Tuna Salad, a Jane-inspired Grilled Romaine with Balsamic Dressing, and Panna Cotta with Frutti Di Bocca.

  • Dinner for My Best Friend!

    Season 1 - March 11, 2018

    After a long photo shoot, Valerie Bertinelli kicks back and cooks for her best friend and husband, Tom Vitale, an Italian meal of Bruschetta, Herb-Roasted Baby Beets, Chicken Cutlets with Arugula and Lemon Dressing, and for dessert, a Chocolate Mint Sundae with Homemade Chocolate Sauce. Tom contributes his special Italian Spritz cocktail.

  • Ho! Ho! Ho! Company's Coming

    Season 1 - December 4, 2017

    Happy Holidays from Valerie Bertinelli as she hosts her holiday buffet, all about tradition with a twist. She pays tribute to her mother with Neapolitan Holiday Cookies. Valerie's Lasagna Alla Besciamella, Cheesy Sausage Snacks, and a Festive Salad with Tomatoes, Mozzarella and Basil in creamy vinaigrette are on the buffet menu and her husband Tom's Sparkling Berry Kir Royales light up the room.

  • Football Fun and Food

    Season 1 -

    Valerie Bertinelli invites her family over for football, fun and lots of food, Cajun-style. Valerie serves her Quickest Gumbo Ever, alongside a fresh Spring Salad. Red Pepper Hummus is on the menu and Valerie pays tribute to her father-in-law with her take on a Sicilian Love Cake.

  • Grillin' and Chillin' With the Family

    Season 1 -

    Valerie Bertinelli celebrates her casual California cuisine with a backyard barbecue inspired by a trip to the farmers' market, with Dom's Salsa and Guacamole, Angela's Roasted Corn and Bean Salad, Tom's Spicy Margarita with Jalapeno and Ginger, and Barbecue Chicken Kabobs with Tequila Lime Cilantro. And for dessert, Lynn's Sick Brownie Bites.

  • Valerie Gives Back

    Season 1 -

    After a morning spent at an adoption event for homeless animals, Valerie Bertinelli uses new and old family recipes to throw a sparkling cocktail party for her fellow volunteers, serving Pureed Artichoke Crostini with Lime Salt, Mint Cucumber Soup, Italian Finger Sandwiches and Deviled Eggs Three Ways. Her husband, Tom, adds to the festivities with his Summer Negroni.